Rebecca and I have known each other for as long as I can remember. Since Jake and I were practically inseparable when we were young, I spent lots of time over at their house. Everyone was getting used to having me around, I felt as if I was a part of the family. As we all grew up, things changed.

At first, our relationship was more of the kind of relationships a brother and sister have when they’re kids. We played with each other, sometimes arguing on playing with dolls or action figures. With time though, I got to know her enough to know exactly what buttons to push to get her to react, so I took great pleasure of hiding out her books or running around the house with her love letters, teasing her about it. I still remember when she first met Leleo… the first time she took him home, Jake and I were all over her. We kept teasing her about how mushy they were together. I remember one day, she got so mad at me. She was home with Leleo, and I felt like teasing her so bad. I ran to her room where she kept all her school books, and took the one book where she kept writing Leleo’s name all over it. I ran to the living room where they were watching a movie and just started saying around “Becca loves Leleo” moving the book in their face, obvious where she wrote his name. She got so shy, she turned blood red, before getting up and chasing after me to give her book back.

As time passed, we grew closer. I got past my annoy her phase, and started to just want to be here for her if something happened. Sometimes, we’d just hang out and talk. She would tell me things she didn’t want others to know, or if she needed someone to talk to, she knew I was there. She also has always been here for me if I needed someone to talk to. One time, she even taught me how to surf. I’ve always known the one made for her was Leleo, but I feel that we have a strong relationship. She’s always felt like the sister I never had. We even kept in touch while she was living in Hawaii after her wedding.

Ever since she got back from Hawaii, we’ve been closer than we ever were. We always find some time to hang out, either at her place, on the beach or at mine. I was glad to see our relationship hasn’t changed. It’s like a part of my family has come home again. When Leo arrived from Hawaii to surprise her earlier this summer, there was this light to her that came back. As if some part of her wasn’t missing anymore. With everything going on right now on the reservation, I feel she wants more than this long distance relationship between them. She’s told me she feels ready to settle down, but she's afraid of what Leo might think as she doesn't want him to sacrifice his dreams. She may not want to say it, but I noticed it’s been bothering her more than she cares to admit. Whatever happens, she knows I’ll be here for her always.

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