Apology Between Father and Daughter - Dialogue between Rosalie and myself

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Me - *types, completely engrossed in my writing*

Rosalie - *puts wedding planning down taking a deep breath in before heading towards the study , knocking slowly on the door*

Me - *rubs my forehead, deep in thought, looks up* Come in

Rosalie - *bites lip and opens the door slowly* Hello Carlisle *looks down*

Me - *smiles and stands up* Oh, Rosalie. Please, come in, sit down

Rosalie - *walks across study looking around before sitting slowly* It looks like nothing happened...

Me - *chuckles a little, looking around* That's beacuse nothing did happen, love

Rosalie - *looks down* You know too well it did Carlisle, and and..*wrings hand mumbling* I'msorry.

Me - *walks over and puts my hand on her shoulder* Rosalie, we all say things sometimes. I never will judge you. I love you.

Rosalie - *looks up frowning a little* Even after what I said..I don't deserve this forgiveness. I crossed a line.

Me - *smiles and tilts her chin, looking in her eyes* Darling, there is no line. There is nothing to forgive. You are my daughter and I love you. We speak sometimes out of anger and frustration. You've heard the saying... "you hurt the ones you love"? That's all it was. You know deep inside that I will love you, no matter what you say to me. *smiles slightly* I understand, Rose. I promise.

Rosalie - *tries to avoid his gaze before nodding once finally looking him in the eyes smiling a little* Thank you..Dad..I love you too.

Me - I know you do. *grins* Is there anything else? *takes her hand, as she stands up*

Rosalie -*stands up smiling* Well, there is the small subject of another wedding.

Me - Yes! The wedding. I am very excited as is Esme. Have you started preparations?

Rosalie - We're looking at dates, we want to have it before the Holidays, and I may have found the most gorgeous dress *smirks*

Me - *thinks about Esme in her wedding gown in 1922* Has Alice gotten a hold of you yet? *laughs* beware, you know she's going to want to orchestrate the entire thing

Rosalie - Who do you think found the dress Carlisle? And gave me enough wedding magazines to create a library? *laughs*

Me - *nods* of course, how silly of me! *touches her cheek* I'm glad you're home. I missed you

Rosalie - *reaches forward and hugs you* I missed you too Dad, all of you.

Me - *hugs her back* I know, sweetheart. We knew you'd come home. You belong here.

Rosalie - *smiles looking down* As much as I can't stand Forks, it was really hard to leave.

Me - No more talk of it. You're back and the family is once again complete. Let's look forward and not behind us, shall we?

Rosalie - *nods* Yes. Thank you Carlisle, is it okay if I go and find Emmett? I need to talk flowers and dresses *laughs*

Me - Of course *hugs her close, kissing her temple* Go, and have fun

Rosalie - *returns the hug standing on tiptoes pecking your cheek before turning and leaving the study heading back to my room*

Me - *smiles as she leaves, closes the door and returns to my writing*

Copyright 2009/2010 by Cullens Online - This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

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Comment by Anne Svendsen on May 23, 2010 at 9:30am
that is so sweet.. : )
Comment by Vicky on November 25, 2009 at 9:09am
You know that your family loves you no matter what, Carlisle. I am glad that you got to share this moment with Rosalie.


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