Is this the Painful Truth? Dialogue between Rosalie and Myself....

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A conversation between myself and Rosalie earlier today...

Rosalie - *storms out of my room towards the office slamming the door open without knocking* This is all YOUR fault!

Me - *looks up casually from my typing, closes the laptop* Rose.. what is it?

Rosalie - Don't act like you don't know! All THIS, Emmett hating me is because of you!

Me - *Stands up, walking towards Rose stopping to lean on the edge of the desk* Sweetheart Emmett does NOT hate you. He could never hate you. Take a minute to let your mind settle a bit. *Stands watching her collect her thoughts*

Rosalie - *steps back growling* Don't come near me, and don't lie to me! We both know THIS *indicating the office, grabbing an ornament and throwing it at the wall* is all a lie created to please YOU!

Me - *watches the ornament explode into 1000 pieces* Rosie.. I don't understand. What has gotten into you

Rosalie - *turns and lets out a laugh* What has gotten into me Carlisle? How about the truth? I realised you could have stopped this all...not changed him let Levi. Have. *pulls bookcase over* a father! You could have said no!

Me - Rosalie , listen to yourself! You know, as well as I , that Emmett had mortal injuries. There was no antibiotics back then, he was mauled almost to the point of death.

Rosalie - *turns snarling as ripping down a painting off the wall* YOU SHOULD HAVE LET HIM DIE THEN. They would have had closure! Instead you chose to add him to your collection!

Me - Collection? is that what you think this is? This is our family, Rosalie. A close, bonded family. This *picks up 3 seashells from my desk* is a collection

Rosalie - You call it 'family' but you picked us...we were what you wanted, what looked 'perfect' to you! Hell you chose me for Edward just because of my looks! *pulls a framed Cullen crest from the wall smashing it* YOU CAN'T PLAY GOD

Me - *rubs my face in my hands* You feel the power of these words now as they slip off your tongue and they are said with anger. I know you cannot possibly believe them.* Thinks about her last 4 words and blinks back the burning sensation of dry tears*

Me - I never intended to play God.

Rosalie - *stops holding an old text taking deep ragged breaths* Then what did you do? Explain that to me Carlisle *steps forward dropping book* If you didn't play god...stop fate, destiny. What did you do? We should all be dead. Like poor Levi. Yet we're not.

Me - I saw something in you all. Something stronger than death, something stronger than life. Each of you has it. I wanted you to all have the opportunity to share that with the world.

Rosalie - Yet we couldn't share it with the ones we loved most...Emmett had his wife and Levi. I had my brothers. We were cut off from them in your selfishness.

Me - My selfeshness? Is that what you really feel, Rosalie? You were lying in the street, moments from death. Emmett was less than 2 hours from his dying breath. I preserved the uniqueness I saw in you both, so that you could exist. He would have never set eyes on his wife or son again. You wouldn't have opened your eyes ever again to see your brother's faces.....

Me - You know, deep down that you do not mean what you just said to me.

Rosalie - *sees red at the mention of my own death and throws a chair across the room screaming* How is this existing? It's hell on earth! Watching the world go on like it should whilst I'm frozen. *turns and looks glaring* Oh believe me Carlisle, I meant, EVERY LAST WORD.

Me - *Stands, staring letting every single word trickle thru my marble skin to my very core* Is that right? Well... You've spoken your peace then. *looks around at my trashed office, shakes my head and walks past her, whispering*

Me - Rosalie, you were naked... laying in the street, you were strong, and powerfully beautiful. Your dignity was at stake. I saved you from dieing in the gutter, preserved your pride. You're welcome. *walks past her, not making eye contact and walks into my bedroom, closing the door silently*

Rosalie - *takes in Carlisle's words falling to my knees breaking out into dry sobs realising the mistake I've made*

Me - *hears her crying from my room, stands by my door ready to go back to her..... holds myself back knowing that she needs to be alone now, to search herself for the truth*

Me - *leans against my door, thudding my fists into my thighs in emotional agony wondering if there is really any truth to her words, whispering to myself* Was I playing God? Is there any truth to that? *slides to the floor, head between my knees allowing the grief and guilt to overflow as dry sobs overtake me*

Copyright 2009/2010 by Cullens Online - This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

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Comment by Anne Svendsen on May 23, 2010 at 9:20am
I think that "Live Forever" is something that we humans don´t understand, because we can´t cope with such a thing.
And if i was a vampire and had to make the choice you did, i would have done the same thing.
But i also understand why Rosalie react like she does, she can´t cope with the fact to Live Forever.
She wanted a normal life like anyone else, but to her that was not going to happen.
You gave her what she would have lost as human.
Comment by Vicky on November 17, 2009 at 9:55am
Carlisle, we have been friends for a while now, and I can assure you that I have never seen you act in a manner that was anythin gless than compassionate. You did what you had to do to preserve their life. Rosalie is just upset, she will come around.
Comment by Jacqui on November 17, 2009 at 2:07am

I believe you did what you felt was right, Rosie knows this, she just needed soemone to vent her frustration at. Im sure she will come around soon.


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