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1942 WWII

Going to War

I saw her as I entered the driveway. It had been a long night at the hospital and seeing her washed away all the stress I carried with me. I got out of the car and she slowly walked towards me. Her golden eyes beamed with adoration. My chest filled with emotion as I reached out and pulled her close. The wind blew a tendril of hair across her face and I gently brushed it away.
"The best part of you going to work is welcoming you home again." she whispered as she settled into my arms with a sigh. My face lit up and I smiled, "Mine too."
Our embrace turned to passion as I kissed her. My hands cradled her head as I looked into her eyes getting completely lost in them as I had day in, day out for more than 20 years. I noticed something different in her eyes. She looked fearful.
"What's troubling you, Mrs. Cullen?" I asked playfully. She bit her bottom lip and her eyes shifted to look away. I gently cupped her chin with my hand, "Esme...?"
She looked back into my eyes, "The mail came." She said and turned to walk back into the house.
I followed her inside. She gestured to the small pile of mail on the desk, stood still and crossed her arms in front of her as if she had just gotten a sudden chill.
I looked at her and then walked over to the desk and picked up the mail. I sorted through a few bills and on the bottom of the pile I saw an 'official' notice from the draft board. My chest tightened as I knew exactly what was inside.
I held up the letter and nodded. "This?" I asked and smiled weakly.
"Yes." she almost whispered. She stood back against the wall arms still crossed and watched as I opened it.
I read aloud,


When I finished reading, I dropped the letter on the table and turned to her with a smile.
"Three days"
Her eyes widened. If tears could fall they would have. She turned to hide her grief from me "Esme.' I choked , "I knew this would happen, it was only a matter of time. They need physicians. So many are dieing."
She knew the truth, her fear wasn't for my safety but for theirs. Hers and their adoptive children, Edward, Rosalie and Emmett.
We all lived in Kansas. We had recently made the move to the area and the kids were just getting settled in their new high school. We lived amongst them, the humans; undetected thus far and moving often enough to keep our 'differences' hidden from them.
The war was being fought here on the homefront as well as over seas. I knew my calling and I was willing to serve. It was what was right to do. I wasn't at all worried about becoming a casualty, my fears rested here at home on my family's protection.
" I have to report in three days. It doesn't give us much time." I said, lowering my eyes to the floor. She saw the concern on my face and rushed over and pulled me close to her, burying her face in my chest and trying to comfort me.
"Carlisle, we'll be alright. we knew this was going to happen." she touched my cheek.
" I know. I have to get things in order and I have to notify the hospital. There's so much to do in only 3 days." I said.
She has always been the strength of the family. Her courage and love is what has always held this family together. I smiled at that thought and shook off my initial shock. I rested my chin on the top of her head and sighed. I knew this would be the most difficult time in our existence thus far. A year apart.

Part II coming soon...

Copyright 2009/2010 by Cullens Online - This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

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