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One year and looking ahead to many more.

Can it really be a year, one year since I stood in front of my family and friends and promised till death do us part to the love of my life Jacob Black.

Yes it’s really been a year of being Mrs Black and I would love to say it was just a year of awesomeness, but let’s be honest here. It’s marriage and yes it can be hard.


I mean you have two people learning to share one space like all the time and even though since the first time I entered the world we have been…


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How do I get time to fast forward.

As I am sitting at my desk in my room, I look around. I have the wedding planner open on my lap and slowly sipping the tea Jake made me before he had to go out on patrol.

Two more Days then I will be Mrs Renesmee Black, I can't wait and every time I think about it my heart want's to explode from excitement.

Everything is set, from the corner of my eye I can see the dress bag with my wedding dress in my cupboard. I softly laugh to myself as I think of the hard time I had to…


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Am I ready for all this Future talk?

Lying on my bed at the cottage, I run down the fight again and just find myself getting more frustrated and upset. I hate fighting with Jake and usually we fight about silly stuff, like me going somewhere and not telling him or if I go on a hunt alone.  Things were we both get upset and then see the silliness and end up laughing about it.

But tonight’s fight was so different, it was seriously a grown up fight and to me a window into fights as a married couple one day.  A fight that…


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I am all grown up now

We all knew it would be soon, the signs were there and my pains and cramps were increasing more rapidly. I suppose it was wishful thinking on my side, hoping that somehow I could just postpone it all. So when Mom got an assignment to go do a shoot in the Amazon’s I was very eager in reassuring her that it was more than okay to go and do the shoot. I still remember our chat about it, we were sitting at a coffee shop in Seattle and I smiled at her. “Mom, seriously I have no concern, I really…


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Growing up is hard to do

Turning my iPod and playing some soft classical music, I pull the journal closer that Carlisle gave me to keep track of the signs that my final growth spurt is just around the corner.

25th February 2013

This week was a bad one, my cramps and pains are definitely getting worse. I am so relieved that Jake had night patrols this week. Reason being that he will probably want to guard me 24/7 and not allow me to do anything.

It seems that the worse cramps and pains…


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Doing it my way

Lying down on my couch, I look around my room. In the background my Ipod is playing a selection of songs thats Dad’s compositions. Stretching, I give a big happy sigh. This is it me doing it my way. Well in a matter of speaking.

It’s been nearly a month now that I have moved to La Push and is the proud owner of a room that is probably big enough to be a one bedroom apartment minus the bathroom and kitchen. Although I do have a small corner that has a mini bar fridge and a kettle. I…


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My inspiration and my Hero.

Sitting in the cafeteria is our usual group, me and Michelle and the boys and Joanne. I love my new group of friends and I suppose for the first time, I feel normal as if I am fitting in to society.

We are making plans for the upcoming campus dance evening and the theme is Heroes and Villains. Of course the boys are fighting about who gets the honour of being Batman or Superman or Spiderman.

I smile as I sit back and watch my friend’s debate about who is going to have what super… Continue

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The Best Halloween Ever !!

I love the excitement that October brings to the town. All the shop window in town get decorated and there is an abundance of sweet treats all over.  I love sitting at the coffee shop next to the fancy dress hire and listening to all the kids and how excited they get about getting dressed up.

Since being at the satellite campus of Peninsula College a few days a week, I have started to have a bigger friend circle. This has been interesting and I am learning so much of other…


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If only this day could last forever

Siting on one of the big couches in the lounge, I snuggle in with my cup of hot Chocolate. These quite times in the house are always the best. Mom and Dad are back and home feels home again. I can tell they feel guilty for being away for such a long time and no matter how many times I say its fine, I can see in their eyes the fear that somehow I feel abandoned. As if that can ever happen, with Jake and the rest of the Family around.


So when they do decide to go to the main…


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Finding the unexpected

I know a lot of people wonder how I can stand to live in such a small town as Forks. I mean you Seattle a few hours away on one side and on the other side you have Portland. To me Forks is just perfect.

Even in La Push I enjoy the closeness of the community and you never know when an adventure or surprise is around the corner.

The great thing about small town is that you have the best Garage Sales. As far as I am concerned you will never find a better place for Garage Sale…


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My Dearest Jake,

I find myself speechless around you even though there is so much I want to tell you. So now while I am sitting here, supposing to be doing my research on my next project.  But once again all I am thinking about is you.

So I decided to write you a letter, to tell you of just how amazing you make me feel. How much I love you and how much I look forward to our future together.

You are the one person that makes me feel normal and special at the same time. With you I feel like I fit…


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"You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

To be part of a family like mine means that you get to live in a world that would ordinarily not be known to a normal person. My family though they appear to be very normal are Vampires and with that comes certain dangers and secrets, that most of the world population is not aware of.

As with every nation or country we as vampires have certain regime that keep the laws which have been created to keep our existence a secret in place and ensures that they are followed. They are known as…


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The Kiss

Arriving home, a broad smile on my face, I hum as I enter the main house. Placing my keys in the key bowl and putting down my bag, closing my eyes for a moment as I relive the evening.  Making sure no one else is around, I give a small squeal and walk to the kitchen, pouring myself some juice.

Heading upstairs to the guest bedroom, that is actually more like my own bedroom in the Main house.  I close the door behind me and pull out my diary opening the lock with the little key that is…


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Oh how I love that man !

Jacob Black is the keeper of my heart, the man of my dreams. He has always been there from the very first moments I entered this world. The first moment he looked at me, his eyes captivated my heart.

When I am near him, I feel like I hover around the earth. My feet unable to stay on the ground and yet he is the one that grounds me, my anchor.

When I am without him even just for a short while, my world is a shade of blue, everything tinted by the sadness I feel from missing…


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All bymyself

I must admit at times it’s really hard to be as different as I am, I can’t even start to imagine how it must be for Mum and Dad, I mean I have only been with them for 5 years. But even though in actual years I might be 5, that’s where my similarity to a young child ends.  I can’t even say my appearance helps to make it easier because physically I look 16 and so I guess it’s understandable that I get treated more like a child than the mature young woman I know I am. Although when you start…


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Dear Grandma Rene

It’s been a while since we really had a good chat, so I decided to write you an old fashion letter. I am going to mail it and everything.  I have really been thinking a lot about you. I hope to come and visit you soon. We can even maybe take a trip together. Although I have to get Mom and Dad to agree, or maybe you could convince them.

So let’s see what is news here in Forks, well I am helping Jake at his garage and really enjoy spending time together. Don’t worry Grandma; I am not…


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A Dream come true Valentine's Day

I am a hopeless romantic. Then again I am sure that all girls are. Nothing can compare to the feeling of having your favourite person in the whole wide world, treat you like a Queen. The flower, which somehow finds its way to your pillow. The little box of chocolates hidden away in your school bag with the note that says *I love you, Babes*

These are some of the things I have become accustomed with since Jake and I became more serious. When Grandma said we all going to the Island, I…


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Giving thanks for a Mothers love.

The year is drawing to a close and with it comes cold days and rainy nights. Soon all the windows of houses and shops are filled with bright colors and flickering lights. Harvest time is celebrated and for a while we get to think about all that we are thankful for. The people and things that make us smile and say, I am happy to be alive.

As I was helping the ladies in La Push get ready for the Harvest Festival, I would listen to them and all the things they felt so thankful for. That…


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An Unlikely Destiny

I nestle myself more securely in the russet brown fur, holding on for dear life while glancing behind us. I can see them in the distance. Slowly nearing us the black cloaks giving them the appearance of levitation. Although it would not surprise me, if Aro somehow collected such a rare gift. My eyes are burning not only from the wind as I can feel us trying to gain some speed. But from the tears that keeps falling down my cheek. Everything I knew, the life I have learned to love up to now,…


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Who says boys have more fun.


Jake and I have decided to do a few more unconventional things together. Or coming to think of it maybe, it is the typical thing that couples do. Anyway, we decided to go and see some expo's that was showing in Seattle and make a day out of it.… Continue

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