As I am sitting at my desk in my room, I look around. I have the wedding planner open on my lap and slowly sipping the tea Jake made me before he had to go out on patrol.

Two more Days then I will be Mrs Renesmee Black, I can't wait and every time I think about it my heart want's to explode from excitement.

Everything is set, from the corner of my eye I can see the dress bag with my wedding dress in my cupboard. I softly laugh to myself as I think of the hard time I had to explain to Jake that he can not come in my room for the next couple of days. I know this is going to make it difficult for him. Since moving to the room that Jake and Billy build for me, Jake has spend every night after his patrol on my bedroom floor, still in wolf form.

When I asked him about it, he said it helps him to be close to me and I guess he is just comfortable in his wolf form.

I look at the clock and stretch out, I feel exhausted as today was really busy, Mom and I went to around to finalize some of the wedding stuff and I got a few new outfits for the Honeymoon, although I have no clue where Jake is taking me.

My tummy is constantly full of butterflies when I think of Saturday and the days after that.

Looking around my room, I start to wonder how we will fit all of Jake's stuff in here. We have decided to stay in my room as it is kind of separate from the Billy's main house, until we can find our own little nest.

My eyes feeling very heavy as I look at the tea and notice that Jake gave me some of Tiffany's special tea's to help one relax.

Placing my wedding planner on the desk and my tea cup, I turn out the desk lamp and make my way to bed, knowing I will miss having Jake in here, but so happy as it is only 2 more days then it will be me and Jake forever, never to be apart again.

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