Sitting in the cafeteria is our usual group, me and Michelle and the boys and Joanne. I love my new group of friends and I suppose for the first time, I feel normal as if I am fitting in to society.
We are making plans for the upcoming campus dance evening and the theme is Heroes and Villains. Of course the boys are fighting about who gets the honour of being Batman or Superman or Spiderman.
I smile as I sit back and watch my friend’s debate about who is going to have what super powers. Hero’s and Villains, to them it seem so far fetch, right of the pages of a graphic novel. To me it’s a bit more real and the knowledge of this makes me giggle sometimes.
My Family are probably the only Vampire Clan with the most “Super Powers” in one clan. Dad, who for ever knows what you’re thinking and Mom with her shield. Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice. So to me Heroes and Villains are part of reality.
I know this is going to sound like a cliché but my Hero or my inspiration is my Mom. I look at her grace and compassion and strong will and am amazed daily at how she handles life and our family. Jake has told me about Mom and all her heroic deeds from before she and Dad were married. I myself know just how amazing she was from the moment I was conceived. How she handled my fast growing body inside of her fragile human body. How she put me first every time and was willing to die just to know I will be alive.
I have been witness to her amazing strength and will to adjust from the first moment she awoke as a Vampire. The way she found self-control and will power that has only made her more of Hero in every one’s eyes.
The way my Mom did everything in order to keep me and my family and our friends safe from the Volturi’s onslaught.
She is and will always be my Hero. She has adjusted to Motherhood so easily as in all the changes her life encountered. I hope that if I ever am blessed enough to have a children of my own that I will be able to follow in my Mom’s footsteps. At times I wish I could tell her and let her know just how much I love and admire her. Although I don’t think there are words that would ever be able to capture the way I feel.
So for now all I can say is ….. Mom you are my inspiration and my Hero.

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