As with a lot of the population, change is something that most of us resist. It's not easy to accept drastic change and it can take it's toll on us in several ways.  I see how it challenges my family. Some are ready for the big move, some are hesitant and some are never ready and simply cannot cope. 

I have been observing my own family over the past few months as we've discussed the possibility of the 'great move' once again. We have done this, of course, several times in the past and it's never an easy discussion. Esme becomes withdrawn and extends herself, overly, into her work. She is away from home on business more frequently than usual and finds remote clients to whom she travels for consults. I feel that in a way, this is how she escapes the thoughts and ideas of moving away. Forks, this home, this place... this is her forever and when we have to leave, it will be very hard on her. I believe she will be affected by it the most.  We can, of course, return here one day and will keep the house as it is. Our friends will always have a place to stay if they are stopping by on their travels and we will return for frequent visits so see Jacob and Renesmee. We just cannot stay here, exist here, 'live' here without eyes falling upon us for our unchanging appearances.

My colleagues look at me differently. They ask me what my secret to my youth is. I cannot keep saying, "Just good genetics, I suppose" or "I've never touched a drink or a cigarette in my life!" because those statements can only carry me so far. They are starting to look at me closer. I am aware of it and I know that the 'great move' is becoming more and more a reality.

We had discussed moving to Isle Esme for a time, but I prefer that as a place of recreation and relaxation rather than our 'home'. I would like to stay as local as is possible but without being close enough to be recognised. This is difficult for me in my profession. I will have to employ J.Jenks once again and see what magic he can do with documents and internet wiping. That''s the hardest part. My job is very high profile and not exactly what you would expect of someone of my 'kind'. The other's can blend more easily and are not as obvious. I suppose there is a chance that I may step away from the medical field for a few decades. We'll see what happens. As long as Jenks has our backs with paper work, documents and internet, we are potentially golden.
Alice always seems the most eager for a change of scenery and the start of a new chapter. Her energy keeps me moving forward. She knows the potential danger in staying in one place too long and is always open to new places, new faces and new challenges. Jasper will follow her to the ends of the Earth. I don't feel that he is as eager for new experiences as Alice is but he will do what she needs in order to keep the balance between them.
Emmett is much like Alice in that he embraces new people, new places and new experiences. He is not quite as extroverted as Alice is but he settles into a new routine in a new place fairly easily. 
Rosalie is a lot like Esme. She is very grounded, very much needing a constant in her life. She is not open to change, she is not happy when the challenge of something new is placed before her. She likes a constant comfortable, safe feeling and moving for her, as it is with Esme, is always difficult. 
This time it will be different. Edward and Bella are a huge part of the picture now as is Renesmee and Jacob. I do not know if they will be receptive to a move, how they will react, what their feelings will be. This will, potentially, be Bella's first time matriculating into High School with the Cullen 'kids'. I don't know how she will feel about this, if she can adapt or if she would be willing to even attempt it. It is not easy, but they choose to do so and have for decades. Edward and Bella could go off up into Northern Canada or out to Alaska and stay on the low for a decade or two if they chose to do so. We will all have a family meeting about all of these possibilities in the next month or two.
The time has come, the winds of change are blowing and we must go.

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Comment by Donna Cullen on November 27, 2018 at 12:36am
Elloquently put, Carlisle! I miss seeing you on Twitter most days, but I now have no doubt that your disappearance has something to do with possibly matriculating and/or moving to another area. Perhaps Boston as a possibility?
I hope to hear from you soon, my dear sweet Carlisle ❤️


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