There are a lot of first times in a person’s life and each of them are full of wonderful memories , ones we want to hold on to for the rest of our lives and in my case it’s not the exception.

And here are just some of those wonderful memories:

The first time the love of your life tells you “I love you”, is the most wonderful sensation you can ever experience, they say that the only I love you that will ever count and make you feel like you are swept of your feet and feel butterflies in your stomach is the one you will hear from the person you are truly meant to spend the rest of your life with and I believe that is true.

My real first kiss, yes I did have boyfriends before Sam, but what you truly never forget is the first kiss of love and of course I could only feel that with the love of my life that of course is my amazing husband, the first time he kissed me was so soft, sweet, full of all the love we feel for each other, it was like nothing I had ever felt before and the moment  in and at that moment my world completely stopped turning and it still does every single time we kiss.

First date, when I saw Sam standing in my doorway holding a rose bouquet  giving me that smile that makes me melt, I was completely breathless and  knew I had made the right choice, I could not stay away from him, I loved him.

 Another first time I will never forget was of course the first time we made love, it was just an amazing and magical moment, and he was so tender so loving so caring it was only us that mattered, only our love that was being set not into just words but into showing each other the love we held for each other, the passion and desire we held for each other and that would remain with us for the rest of our lives.

There are of course so many other wonderful memories that come as a result of other first times, like when we got engaged, when we moved in together, when we found out I was pregnant with Shay, when we got married, when we bought our house.

But then another big moment in I would like to share is the first time I saw and  held my baby girl, she was just the most beautiful baby my eyes had ever seen, it was definitely the most important day of my life ,I cried like I never had in my entire life, but not from sadness but because I was so happy, no word in the world could describe what I felt when I held my baby for the first time or when I first kissed her, and from now on more wonderful first times happened, like when she first smiled , when she said her first word , her first step, first time she called me mommy, all those moments bring so many wonderful and perfect moments to my life that I will completely treasure them forever.

I don’t believe it matters how many first times you have, what matters is to make the best of every single one of the ones that matter most  and hold them forever in your heart, as you will have more precious memories to hold but none of them will ever compare to the FIRST.

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Comment by Emily Uley on March 4, 2013 at 7:12pm


Let's not worry about that anymore cousin , let's only focus on the future and I know you will have a wonderful one with John, you deserve the best and I am so happy you found him.


Comment by Emily Uley on February 28, 2013 at 8:49am
Thank you both and yes Lisa you are right love does make you a stronger person *smiles*
Comment by Blair Mell on February 28, 2013 at 8:15am


Your memories are awesome that is what make a person stronger is the love they share with someone.



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