I had a perfect life before I turned 11. Perfect birthdays, perfect friends, perfect everything!

Then when I turned 11 my mom got a trip to hawaii from her work without me but with my dad. My grandma was gonna watch me while they were gone. It wasnt that i dont love my grandma I do, but we didnt get along. She and I would fight all the time. In the middle of my parents trip my grandma started getting syptoms from something. When my parents got home, my grandma went home and the doctors treated her for the wrong thing cuz it didnt get better and so they ran tests.

When they got the results they found out that she had and got kidney cancer. When I found out i fell apart, even though I didnt get along very well with her i still loved her. We went on with radiation but no khemo. It went well my most fond memory is of her so excited for graduating radiation.

One Friday right before spring break I went to the office in school because I had a headach and didnt feel well. I got there I saw my cousin there and she said that she was going home but didnt know why. I kept thinking but couldnt find out why. I went back to class and started wispering to a friend while I was suppsed to be reading. The teacher told me to go to the office and my friend though it was her so she started heading out the door then he caught her and he said me. I went to the office to see my dad there. he told me to go and get my stuff and that I was going to Cedar Rapids, IA for my grandma and that she went into hospice. I got my stuff and went home to pack fast and headed down the 2 hours to meet my grandma with my cousins.

When we got there she perked up and started eating drinking and talking. My cousins and dad stayed the night then took off the next day since she was doing so well. She stayed stable for a couple days then started going down hill.

We called my dad and cousins and they headed down. They got there and I left to get something to eat and on my way out she said 'I love you Sweetie' and i didnt hear her. *looks down* that was the last time she could talk.

On that Wed. of Spring break at night she was a rock bottom. She started breathing hard and I remember me and my cousins (at the time 11 and 9) telling her to go. Wel, that night she passed away. I cried all night with my 9 year old cousin cring with me in my arms tring to comfort her.

(part two coming soon)

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Comment by Amanda Renee Francis on July 19, 2010 at 9:07pm
Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on July 15, 2010 at 10:56am
It ok all of you!! It was hard at the time, and earlier when I listened to her answering machine that had her vocie but im good now!
Comment by Ysabella Lockwood on July 15, 2010 at 12:02am
*hugs you tightly* I'm so sorry , Erie
Comment by Katie on July 14, 2010 at 10:31pm
Wow, Erin. I am so sorry! *hugs you*


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