3 months after my grandma passed away, I was helping my dad with something in the house. I let my dog Ernie out without his leash because I figured that he was trained enough. After my dad and I were done, my parents went out to dinner with there friends. I sat down to read a magizne and watch TV. I heard a knock on our back door and went to see who it was.

It was a guy that had worked for the city that witnessed the accident. The accident that hurt my dog, my baby, my greeting! He said that someone in a big truck hit Ernie and just kept on driving. he said Ernie sprinted under our deck. He hugged me and left me to try to get Ernie out. I called my mom in complete panic.

I told her what happened and she said not to worry and that they would be home as soon as possible. I knelt down on a bench by our deck. I was crying a lot when my neighbor came to comfort me. She hugged me until my parents came.

They got there and we all tried to get him out but he didnt even get out until he heard my brother come home and talk to my mom. I saw what I .......... had done to my baby boy! I ran into the house and jumped on my bed to calm down.

At night we had to watch for sighs of enturnal injurys. I was watching him all night and I got mad at him in the morning when I hadnt got one minute of sleep and was on edge.

We ended up having to put him to sleep that next day!

It was all my fault and I cant even take it back!!

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Comment by Amanda Renee Francis on July 19, 2010 at 9:57pm
*hugs*It's not your fault. You didn't mean for it to happen. I know from experiance. Xd *hugs*
Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on July 16, 2010 at 10:59am
Yes I do have Alice! She is a complete sweetie pie!! I still do think it was my fault cuz if I would have hooked him up he wouldnt have ran into the road, but he would have died anyways cuz I forgot to put in there that he had had cancer!


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