The Worst Morning but a Great End to the Day

I get up, thinking this will be an awesome day. We get to celebrate my son's second birthday. I come down as I usually do to check my email and try to catch up on tweets. I get a Coke, and my son his milk and cereal. Must help my husband make a call to get an appointment for an MRI. Finding out that that might not be what he needs and that a Radiologist must call him back. Well I had to run out to the store to pick up my son's cake.
That was when it started...everything seem to fall apart, almost pulled my hair out. I get to the store forgetting it's the case lot sale event. where they tape off a section of the parking lot to erect a tent with big pack items. The parking lot was a mad house. This was only 9:30am!!! I drove and drove trying to find a spot to park in. People were cutting me off, speeding around me to get spaces, people just arriving finding spots. I was so irritated. It just got worse. It was after 10a when I finally got a spot. Then some lady flipped me off because I pulled in there. Finally got inside the store and told the lady in the bakery I was here to pick up a cake. I was told I had to get a refund. Yea! money back...she went to write a slip up for me to take to customer service. Some lady starts screaming at me, why am I in her way? I was by no means in her way. I was standing in between the bread shelves out of the way. I signed and tried to breath. I got the cake, and went and got my refund. Went back to the car to place the cake on the floor of the seat, got into the driver seat to drive next door as I parked too far away. Took me only a few minutes to find a space over here.
I went in and got a balloon, then went into the main part of the store to get a few small toys for my son. I walked to the register to get berated because some lady was headed for the same the way it's not busy, I just had gotten there before her. Got my stuff and went to the self help store to pick up a lawnmower. I finally got home and my husband was waiting to help me, he started to ask why it took me so long. I said...don't ask, don't push I'll tell you when I calm down. Of course he tried...but I said No. He said I gotta go to the hospital. I was extremely confused but said OK. Got over there and remembered I forgot the cell phone. So I dropped him off as he tells me that he'll meet me in the pharmacy. I went home picked up the cell phone, went to the pharmacy, filled my prescription and waited....and waited.
Finally, I go over to the radiology department and ask if my husband is there. They said no, he was here at 11:30a he's done now. I said he was supposed to come straight to the pharmacy, he's not back there? She gets up to look, says no one is there. I walked back to the lobby near the pharmacy and waited. Still no husband. Walked partially to the car to check if he went there, nope. Went back and waited in the lobby. IT's not almost 1p I walked back out to the car and put my prescription in the car. Started walking back up to the hospital. Now my husband comes out. I told him we've been looking everywhere for him we even checked radiology. "They forgot me" I was in the same room they told me to wait in, and they JUST got my x-ray done. GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now we're over a late leaving for the zoo. Stopped at BK to get lunch and headed down there. At least everything after we left the hopsital went pretty ok. Got the Zoo and walked around and saw lots of animals. We went into the Children's Zoo and got to touch animals and play with some. My son, did not want to leave. he was so confused. He thought we were leaving the zoo for the day. We kept tell him more animals this way. He got so excited.
We were there for a few hours leaving about 4:30. Stopped at Target to get a candle. Went to Applebee's and had dinner, they sang to him and brought him ice cream.
After dinner we went home. Husband took the child upstairs and I got the downstiars quickly ready as he was not in a great mood. Put Blue's Clue's pawprints everywhere. Got the cake ready and his present. Told husband it's safe, and he brought him down saying where's the clue? where's the clue? My son ran around grabbing every clue he could find. It was so cute. He opened his present, tried to sneak some cake. He ate cake and then got his clean up bath.
By the time I got him down with everything and he played for a few minutes it was his bedtime.
He passed out quickly. He looked like a little angel.

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Comment by Kat on May 23, 2010 at 8:11am
I try, I just wish people were more understanding, and think before they acted. So many people who live here are so ignorant and arrogant that you just feel like smacking them.
Comment by Kat on May 22, 2010 at 5:40pm
I am better today, but yesterday morning was a total pain. I actually almost started crying in the car while at the store...people were being so absolutely cruel.The funny this is, they go to this case lot sale and MUST get all these things. Most of the items aren't that much cheaper when buying them on a normal day in the store. If you want it cheaper I go to Sam's Club *laughs* They are usually cheaper for more.
Comment by Angel O' Connor on May 22, 2010 at 5:24pm
AWWWWWWW!!I'm glad your sons birthday went great even though getting it there was ......-thinks of the word I need-exhausting!! Hope you are well!!


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