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I didn't take much notice of what was watching me. I turned the page, it was no longer written in my fathers hand but there were now pages full of pictures of a half cat half human creature as I got further in the book there were words like devil and demon written along side a red eyed man. I didn't understand, I slamed the book and sighed loudly and felt an uncontrollable urge to run. I ran though the woods with great speed which was strange for me as I wasn't that athletic. Trees flew past as I ran faster and faster, their branches whipped my face and the undergrowth tugged at my clothes ripping them in many places. I came to a stop just short of a road, I figure approached me dancing
"Kellianne my father told me to find you and bring you home." She said.
I started to reply only to be cut off. "Who..."
"I'm Alice and my father is Carlisle."
I nodded my head and followed her to her car. I didn't even think twice about the fact she looked nothing like Carlisle I was more worried about how much Carlisle knew, "Carlisle told me that your father just died and you......." She cut herself off.
I took no notice of anything she said after she mentioned my father. "Yes my family is dead, I'm all alone." I replied keeping the tears back.
"Carlisle said you graduated top of your class in medicine?" She looked at me and smiled.
"I guess but I don't think......." She cut me off, stopped the car, looked at me and replied angerly.
"Don't you ever think that. People with talents should use them." She starter to drive again, there was something strange about her but I didn't know what. We passed the bed and breakfast where I was staying, "Um Alice where are we going?"
"Carlisle told you he would take care of everything and that is what he is doing. Don't worry he is somewhat an expert when it comes to these things."
"What things?"
"Don't worry he'll explain everything to you soon."
What the hell was going on, I didn't even know who I was but it seems Carlise knew. We pulled up to a huge house which only could be the Cullen's, I could see faces peering out of windows at me. A blonde girl looked at me with distaste. Alice seeing me looking at the faces peering at me said, "Those are the rest of the family they are all intreged by you."
"Why I'm nothing special." I replied.
Alice chuckled, "Yeah your as plain as a pussy cat."
My face contorted wondering if she ment that as a joke or she knew who I was. She lead me into a room that looked much like my fathers study did, except for all the old paintings on the wall of a man that looked uncanningly like Carlisle.
"Kellianne welcome to my home please have a seat." Carlisle said as he entered the room.
I sat down, "Is everything....."
Carlisle's eyes were fixed on the book I still had clutched in my hands. " everything is arranged you don't have to......." His voice faded and his stare became more fixed on the book in my hands. After awhile he continued, "Do you mind?"
He reached out to take the book. "Yes I do I haven't even read it all yet." I said as I gripped it tighter my knuckles were now white.
"Then will you let my son read it in your presents." He asked.
"Son?" I replied.
"Yes adopted just like Alice." He added.
"You are a very strange man." I replied.
"And your just as mysterious aren't you?" He replied.
"In what way?" I asked puzzled.
A handsome young man came into the room and held out his hands waiting for me to pass him the book. I reluctantly handed it to him, as I did I brushed his hand which was unbelievably cold for anyone. I tryed hard not to pull away, Carlisle knew I felt uncomfortable and chuckled to himself. "You know what we are Kellianne I can see it in your eyes. Do we frighten you?" He asked as his son started reading my family's book unbelievably fast.
I sat back and giggled, "Carlisle you know what I am and you ask me if I'm frightened. You invited me to your house and if I'm your dinner then get it over with I'm not afraid of death or of you so do your worded." I replied smiling.
"We won't harm you my dear that is not our way. I only know what you are because I over heard your father tell Billy about it."
"Yes your kind I've read has exceptional hearing."
"I had heard of your kind but I thought it was just a myth even though there had been sighting in Australia."

To be continued.......

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