When I was young I remember crawling into bed listening closely as my Mother told me many different stories and legends of our tribe and other tribes as well. Now that I am older, there is one story that seems to stand out in my mind. It's a short story of how night and day came to be.

One day a rabbit was traveling through the forest and came to a clearing on the bank of a river. He saw an owl perched on a twig, but it was almost dark and the rabbit could not see very well. He said to the owl, "Why do you like it dark? I don't like it to be dark, so I will make the day light." Then the owl said, "If you think you are strong enough, then do it. But let us have a contest to see who is stronger and whoever wins can have it the way that he likes."

Then the Rabbit and the Owl called all the animals together. Some wanted the Rabbit to win so that it would always be light. Others liked the dark and wanted the owl to win.

The contest began. The rabbit began repeating "Light, Light," while the owl kept repeating "Night, Night." If one of them make a mistake and said his opponent's word, he would lose. So the rabbit kept saying "Light, Light," and the owl continued "Night, Night." The birds and animals cheered on their heroes. Finally the owl accidentally repeated the rabbit's word "Light" and he lost the contest.

The rabbit decided that it should be light, but he also decided that night should have a chance for the benefit of the loser and all of the animals and birds he represented. This pleased everyone.


Some day soon Shay will be old enough that I can share this with her, hopefully she enjoys them too.


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Comment by Emily Uley on July 19, 2012 at 10:28pm

I am sure she will love to hear this wonderful story love *smiles*


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