I love the excitement that October brings to the town. All the shop window in town get decorated and there is an abundance of sweet treats all over.  I love sitting at the coffee shop next to the fancy dress hire and listening to all the kids and how excited they get about getting dressed up.

Since being at the satellite campus of Peninsula College a few days a week, I have started to have a bigger friend circle. This has been interesting and I am learning so much of other people and myself.

So while we were all in the cafeteria one afternoon, everyone was talking about Halloween and the Campus Annual Halloween Party. My one friend Mary, she has the same class as I do, was part of the committee that was planning the event and asked me if I would like to help her. To say that I jumped at the chance is an understatement. I was so excited and told her about my families creative talents and how Aunt Alice just love to organise events.

That Afternoon as I got home, I was greeted by a very excited Aunt Alice who had visions of her helping to create the Halloween event of the year. I just had to laugh and we started planning right away with a big promise to mom that I will finish all my assignments due.

Soon we had just about everyone involved, Mary came over to the cottage and met Grandma and Alice and Emmett. Emmett was so excited about all the props he was going to build. I could see that Mary was completely surprised and I had to apologise for the Cullen’s taking over. But what can I say we love a good party.

Soon everything was planned in the finest detail and everyone had a list of what was needed. I had to giggle when Emmett went and started on his props immediately.

The only thing left was deciding on a costume for the party and for this I had to get Jake’s opinion.  I phoned Jake’s house and asked Billy to please give Jake a message to come to me when he was done at the garage.

I started on my homework but struggled to keep my focus on my work and soon I was drawing ideas for outfits for me and Jake. As soon as could get a hint of his scent I raced down stairs and jumped in his arms. Jake just laughed at my excitement as he carried me inside and up to my room, while I filled him in on what the excitement was all about.

So after a lot research we decided to go as the characters of one of my all-time favourite Movies, Nightmare before Christmas.

After we made our decision, I was able to concentrate a little bit better and decided to finish the assignments as I promised mom with Jake lying on my bed reading his Popular Mechanics magazine.

I felt like one of those little kids I always see and hear and understood even better now there excitement about Halloween.

This is going to be by far the best Halloween ever.

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Comment by Angelia on November 5, 2012 at 2:46pm

Very cute costumes Nessie!!



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