Siting on one of the big couches in the lounge, I snuggle in with my cup of hot Chocolate. These quite times in the house are always the best. Mom and Dad are back and home feels home again. I can tell they feel guilty for being away for such a long time and no matter how many times I say its fine, I can see in their eyes the fear that somehow I feel abandoned. As if that can ever happen, with Jake and the rest of the Family around.


So when they do decide to go to the main house or just to get something at the store, I grab the few moments alone time with both hands. Last week I found this amazing book in Grandpa’s study, its filled with all these amazing famous paintings. Sometimes I just enjoy watching the paintings and then daydream of what it must be like to be there in the painting.

The one which drew most of my attention has been the one by Jack Vettriano called Singing Butler. I suppose the reason this one draws me so in is because you can almost sense the moment and the love. Hear the butler singing softly as the gentleman leads the lady across the wet beach sand.

Sipping my hot chocolate, I close my eyes and lean back my head. Suddenly I can hear the soft song being sung by the butler, feel the wet sand between my toes and look in the eyes of the man who is leading me in this dance.

Smiling I look up into Jake’s eyes, noticing the grin on his face as he leads us into another turn. The butler softly continuing the song as he has been singing since Jake asked him to serenate us. I am torn between wanting to just enjoy the moment and trying to take everything in the sound of the waves and the song, the sand beneath my feet. Trying to etch every detail of the moment into my memory.  Fearing that once the butler stops his song my moment will be over and this night, this dream come true night will be over.

I did not start out the evening thinking that I would be any different than our evenings together.  Of course I should have had some suspicion when I saw the red dress on my bed. I smiled as I picked up the little note lying on top of the Dress.

A night to remember forever. Be ready at 7pm Yours truly Jake  

At seven o’clock the doorbell rang when I opened it I saw Jake all dressed up in a tuxedo. I smiled and gasped at how handsome he looked. Behind him was this big limousine.  I smiled and took his arm and walked towards the limousine.

It was an evening I have never even been able to imagine. We went to see a show at the small theatre and then we had dinner at this amazing spot on the beach. We even had our own butler and a lady who helped to serve the food. Just as I thought the evening was finish, Jake stood up and walked over to me holding out his hand.

I took his hand and allowed him to pull me up and into his arms. His lips meeting mine with a soft kiss, before he looked at the butler and nodded. The next minute the butler started singing one of my favourite songs. I looked up to Jake and smiled as we danced across the beach.

Hearing the front door open, I get pulled back to reality and smile as I close the book. Sighing as I wait for Mom and Dad to come inside, hoping Dad did not get a glimpse of my daydream, I place the book on the floor and go to put my mug down.

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