Mom sat me down; I could see on her face that she was concerned even though she tried to hide it. At first I was panic stricken. Did I miss the deadline for my school project? I was so sure that I still had a few more days to finalize the project.


With great relief, Mom let me know that it was not the project she wanted to discuss. All she wanted was to let me know, that Daddy is taking me camping. For a moment, I was sad that Mom would not join us, but my excitement quickly replaced all sad feelings.


I jumped up and raced up stairs, needing to start packing. Even though we would only leave in two days time I just could not wait. Besides deciding what to take is not that easy.


Then I phoned Jake and shared my good news with him. Knowing that I will miss him very much, we made plans to spend some quality time once I get back.


Finally camping day arrived. Daddy woke me early and already had the car packed. I could only smile as I saw all the things he had packed. Making sure that every need has been seen to. After all camping for Daddy was a lot different than it was for me.  For instance, Dad don’t need to sleep or eat, I on the other hand need all the comforts we take for granted.


After walking quite a distance, we reached our destination; it was the most amazing place. The trees where so tall and green and there was a small lake running along the camp site. It took my breath away and for a moment we just stood there and took in all the beauty of our surroundings.


Dad and I got to work immediately and started setting up the tent, making fire and seeing that everything was in order. Once that was done we decided to do some fishing, I was very thankful that Jake and Billy have shown me how to fish. Even if I am saying so myself, I think I did very well. Afterwards we went back to camp and Dad prepared the fish for my supper.


The time away with Dad was amazing and magical. We talked for hours and then at times just enjoyed the peace and quite with one another. We ended the trip with a hunt. I usually go hunting with Jake, but it was so special to have a hunt with Dad again.


I hope that we get to do this more often, I love the time I get to spent with Mom and Dad. But just like every other girl time spent with Daddy is always magical and special.

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