Love is always in abundance around me. You don’t just find it in the love my family have for one another. You only have to look at Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. Not forgetting my Mom and Dad.


It has always been this way. From the first moment I was aware of the world around me. Growing up among so much love has been nothing less than amazing. At times I feel guilty, that even with being immersed in this much love, I want more.


You see, I want the love that my Aunts and Uncle’s share. The love I can see when they look at each other and it seems like the world and everything it has disappeared. That’s what I want.


That’s also what I have, yes I am lucky enough to not only desire it. No, I am lucky enough to experience it. There is only one person on this entire earth, no universe that makes me feel loved in that way.


Jacob Black, he is the one who is I love with that much conviction. The centre of my world, when he is around it’s as if everything else just disappears. Nothing else matter or register and all I want is to be with him. To be near him, to co- exist in the same moment of time.


I sometimes look at the other members of La Push and their imprints. You would think that they all have the same look about them. That imprinting has the same kind of presence in all those who has been lucky enough to have found their soul mate. But yet each one has a different look, when gazing in one another eyes. I think it’s a look that changes as the relationship changes. Yet it’s all a look of completeness and total bliss.  Since recently I was just one who noticed it but slowly as Jake’s and mine relationship changed, I was lucky enough to have received the look.


It is with this look in mind that I smile when I think of the future. When I let my mind and imagination drift into someday. I see me and Jake. I see and we have happiness in abundance around us. I see my family and his co – existing in peace and harmony. I see me and him forever and ever.


The best part of my dreams is the knowledge that they will someday be a reality and maybe even more than, I could ever have imagined.



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