Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. When I was a kid, I just saw it as the time of year where all snow melted and air all around got warmer. We could start storing away all heavy winter clothing and wear lighter clothes the closer we got to summer. The part I preferred however was that we would soon start to be able to go play in the water on the beach and not only climbing trees or play in the woods. My perspective on it changed and got clearer when I started phasing. As my body adapted to my shape shifting self, my hearing got amplified and I slowly began how alive everything is in the forest. The peace and quiet of it took a whole new angle.

Every year, I can now hear the insects and animals wake from their slumber, birds moving back up north in our region, all animals building new shelters or nests. Being in the forest brings usually a feeling of peace but in spring, hearing it come back to life like that just makes it feel special. When I run phased in the forest and I let my inner wolf run free, it feels like I’m a part of it. It’s also a time of renewal where people start things anew and build new gardens, start growing plants and flowers. I feel electricity in the air all around and enjoy nature itself celebrate new life as it wakes up.

This year again like all previous years as far as I can remember, our tribe is holding festivities to celebrate the coming of the new season. Planting new gardens and trees, decorating the reservation and building canoes to use on the ocean are just an example of what we do. We gather together and take advantage of that time to remind ourselves of who we are, form a big bonfire and listen to stories our ancestors left us. I’m again looking forward to it, hoping to enjoy it as much as I usually

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Comment by Kira Calteara on May 6, 2011 at 7:26am
Sounds like such a beauty to hear the spring come alive.  You describe it well.  Thank you for sharing.


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