Some traditions from the past I read about talk about how on Halloween night the veil between the world of the dead and our world is at it’s thinnest of the year.Those traditions say that on all hollow’s eve (the traditional name for Halloween in that religion), one should watch out for malevolent spirits and get protection from those spirits. We were always told that when one dies, their bodies go back towards nature and their spirits go to the skies above, which surrounds us.


Ever since I’ve been able to phase, I’ve been feeling things I know in a different light. Whenever I’m out on patrol since that day, I’ve been having the impression sometimes that our ancestors and predecessors are still around to watch over me and my brothers, keeping to their roles of protector for their future generations. This year I was out on patrol on Halloween night, and it wasn’t just an impression that night. I could almost feel them around as I ran through the lands, making sure we’re safe. One thing that surprised me however, and I don’t know if it’s just because of my Quileute and Makah origins, is that on that night, I could feel some presences from both sides of my origins… It’s ironic how I never really got to know my mother’s side of my family and today, I feel they’re willing to protect me in my challenges. Often I’ve heard from people who know about us, that they wonder who protects us while we’re out, but now I believe I know a part of the answer to that question.


It was interesting to run through the forest and feel them around. I wish I were able to talk to them, ask how it was for them in the past. How they adjusted to this life. As much as they can’t directly interfere in our lives anymore, I think that if the need arise, they’d be able to find a way to warn us of incoming danger. I’m glad I was out on patrol that night, as it’s another proof to me that legends are really taken from truths. I’m not sure I would really have thought that my impressions when I’m out are indeed our past ancestors keeping us safe. Will this be the only occasion something like this happens, or will this be the only time? Only time will tell but since that night, if someone asks me who protects us while we’re out, I’ll be able to answer with conviction.

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