Our Family....What we had, and How we came to be.

I can't remember a time when I didn't know Harry, we grew up together, but we certainly didn't always like each other, a typical boy he would throw rocks at me, then turn around pretending it wasn't him, I remember he even pulled my hair once in the 3rd grade, I shook my little fist at him and I told him if he ever touched my hair again, I'd break his nose, and with a firm nod of my head I walked away, it must of worked to a degree, he sort of left me alone after that.

Of course all that changed in high school, and after becoming friends we fell in love and just like that there was no-one else, not for either of us. Harry even secretly proposed to me before we graduated, so as soon as we were free to marry, thats exactly what we did. It was small and quiet, just close family and friends but perfect. Within a couple of months I fell pregnant with Leah, and in typical Leah fashion she came into the world all in a rush, her little hands were all curled up into balls and couldn't she scream, Harry and I were laughing through our tears, we were so happy. Then six years later Seth our little man was born and our family was complete.

My final words will go back to Harry, he was my best friend (eventually) *smiles* a loving husband and a wonderful father who adored his children, he said to me once he knew he was truly alive after he became a father, for him the sun rose and set on his children.

Forever in our hearts

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