I ran across the heavy foliage of the forest, my feet only taking my as fast as they could. I pushed them to move faster, knowing that whatever was behind me, was not something I wished to be in contact with. For a split second, I looked back, saw the black shadow approaching me, but when I looked forward, and tripped over a fallen log. It seemed like those movies, when someone trips, they are stuck, and they can't get up. 

I screamed as the wood dug into my pants, pinning me to the muddy, drenched floor. I struggled to stand, but the wood cut into my ankle, and the black shadow was gaining on me. I finally was able to gain the strength to kick off the wood, despite my bloody leg, and run as fast as I could to the only place I knew was safe. No one was in sight, as the forest was a dark, and dangerous place at times. No one could hear me, and I knew it. 

My feet finally gave out, my head throbbing with my pounding heartbeat. My leg stung, my hands were cold, and I finally gave out. In the middle of the woods, alone, cold and wet, I didn't know my fate. I was on my hands and knees, panting as I looked down to the wet ground mindlessly. 

Something peculiar happened. I no longer heard the heavy grunting and breathing, nor did I hear the hefty footsteps nearing me. I looked up, breathing heavier than I could ever think possible, to someone else nearing me. The goosebumps crawled up my skin as I heard the lighter, more pleasant footsteps approaching me. I then heard my name, quietly at first, but then a bit louder as it came near. 

I looked up, not seeing anyone, but in an instant, I saw my sister, her face was an absolute relief to see. 

All I remember is her feet running over to me as my eyes began to shut and my world fell into a black hole that no one else beside myself could ever climb out of. 



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