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Fear is the one thing that every human being experiences. It's the moment when your heart skips a beat, the adrenaline rushes through your veins, and your mind is scattered in a million places at once. Fear is when anxiety that you may never see that person again; or you potentially could lose your life... It could even be as simple as seeing a spider in your house (if you are arachnophobic, of course).


But the particular fear I am planning to write about tonight is that of…


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Carlisle Cullen- This is to you.


Your love, wisdom, and compassion is something that I will always cherish. You lift my spirits when I am feeling hopeless, and you counsel me, teach me, and motivate me to be the best that I can be. You get me through the darkest hours, and put a smile on my face in the brightest. 

Your "soul" and your heart inspire me everyday. When i'd receive a DM from you, I'd feel special and privileged. You've played a major role in my life, and I cannot express…


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Meningitis- August 14th, 2008

It was 9th grade orientation, and I was the most excited I had ever been. I was up at 6:00 AM, washed, dressed, and prepared. I was a dorky teenager, trying to be 'cool'. And mind you, I was only 13. 


As I arrived at 9th grade orientation, my excitement bubbled, and the feeling in my stomach assured me of that. I met up with all of my friends at the front of the school, and we all went inside. 


The orientation was one of the most exciting days ever, until I…


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October 22, 2007. San Diego, CA. Wildfires. The night I lost my 2nd home to fire.

October 22, 2007. The night my 2nd home burnt down. 


I was suddenly awakened to my mother's screaming, and my heart nearly pounding out of my chest. I heard my frantic breathing as the fire alarm began to screech through the halls, making my ears ring. I knew what was going on, but I had to deny it, for my sanity was at stake. I stood up in my pajama's, and grabbed whatever I could from my closet. The smoke began to thicken, and it clouded my lungs. I screamed as I felt the…


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Not knowing the end.


I ran across the heavy foliage of the forest, my feet only taking my as fast as they could. I pushed them to move faster, knowing that whatever was behind me, was not something I wished to be in contact with. For a split second, I looked back, saw the black shadow approaching me, but when I looked forward, and tripped over a fallen log. It seemed like those movies, when someone trips, they are stuck, and they can't get up. 

I screamed as the wood dug into my pants, pinning me…


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Clair de Lune- What it means to me.

Clair de Lune, in my opinion, (as I always have been a Classical "addict" as one could say) has lost it's... quality, I suppose. No, I am not some twi fan writing about this because I heard of Clair de Lune from Twilight. I am writing this from the pit of my heart. Please read on if you wish to discover the tranquility this piece brings me.



The bright, milky moonlight shone into our car, and spilled into the creases and dips in the mountains. It created contours on…


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Is it a blessing or a tragedy?

It's Friday night at 8:00 PM, and I sit on my bed, typing this blog, thinking... Just thinking...


What is life?


Life is... Well, let's think... Is it doing something you enjoy? Or perhaps it is understanding what the hell we are doing here?

Maybe it's... being content with ourselves and being able to know why we do what we do.


I've had a very hard time these past 5 months... Just accepting the fact that I am unable to do dancing. Or…


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