Bending down to break off a piece of mountain grass, I close my eyes as I let the feathery top run along my hand and immediately I think of home, sighing and opening my eyes, I take in my surroundings, the vast forest stretching out as far as the eye could see, the stunnig fir trees surrounding the cabin was definately what you would call picture pertfect, the sun was just beginning to dip behind the trees and despite the season the air has turned cool. This mountain which I have made my mission to climb everyday had become a wonderful place of peace & solace.

Sitting myself down on the side of that mountain I was shocked to discover that I had actually been here for two months. I realised with an ache at how much I missed everyone at home, but none more so than my children. The phone calls, postcards and letters most definately kept us in touch and it was lovely to know how everyone back home was getting on, but the sadness and the quietness that had begun to creep into my childrens voices of late told me in spades that it was time to go home.

I had escaped to this mountain to regroup, to allow my still very broken heart to heal once more, maybe this pain will never go away of that I am most definately not sure, but this beautiful quiet place had crept under my skin and into my heart, it had done for me what I'm sure others would spend thousands on. I lingered longer that day watching as the sun disappeared and as I stood and made my way back down the mountain, I knew I would carry this place with me forever. With a new lightness to my step I carefully manouvered my way back to the cabin, to pack and spend my last night in the beautiful little house that had become my home. This would be my journey home and I couldn't wait to tell Leah and Seth the good news.

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