I have never been a fan of horror films something that my family and friends are well aware of. It has been a yearly tradition for some time now, for myself and Liseli to go into lockdown so to speak on Halloween. After the majority of trick-or-treaters have made the rounds we seek refuge at either's house and relax with a glass of wine a bowl of popcorn. Of course we also like to watch what we would consider to be an entertaining Halloween movie. Of late our yearly tradition has included Hocus Pocus.

Leah of course does not approve of our choice... In fact I'm quite sure she would say, that it would be enough to send her to sleep and is constantly trying to encourage us to "kick it up a notch" as she puts it.

Well this particular Halloween, my darling daughter thought she'd have a giggle at her mother's expense. I had a most enjoyable evening with Liseli and had made my way the short distance home to find the house in complete darkness. With one hand on the bannister I hesitated at the foot of the porch stairs, I noticed with displeasure that the downstairs living room windows were now wide open and the curtains were blowing freely in the breeze that had whipped up. To add to my growing uneasiness I called out for Leah but there was no answer, I looked around behind me but there was nothing in the surrounding darkness to offer any clue as to where she had disappeared to.

While I cannot sit through those horror films which my children love so much. Until that evening... I had never been apprehensive about walking into my own home. Standing there at the bottom of the stairs though, it suddenly looked every inch the scary darkened house that I would scoff at a young girl for walking into. Yet here I was about to do just that. After telling myself how silly I was being, I made my way up the front stairs and gingerly started to open the front door... thoroughly annoyed at how much faster my heart was now beating.

After opening the front door I carefully slid my hand up the door frame until I found the light switch, when I flicked the switch and nothing happened... a coldness crept over me and settled in the pit of my stomach. "Leah" I whispered, into the darkness. "Leah are you here" I stood in that doorway for what seemed like an eternity, but there was not a sound. I made my way over to the kitchen and tentatively reached out into the darkness for the switch, but I suddenly had the distinct feeling that I was no longer alone. My hand was still raised and my fingers poised but I could no longer move a muscle. There was no sound except for my own unsteady breathing but the fear I was now experiencing was enough to make me freeze right where I stood.

That, was when I felt something brushed past me. I can't remember if I made a sound but the room was suddenly flooded with light and there stood Leah. "BOO.....Gottcha Momma", she exclaimed triumphantly and then promptly burst into a fit of laughter at my obvious terrified expression. I won't repeat that which I do remember saying, but let me just assure you that she ran. She was still laughing mind you.. but she ran.

Once I had chased and beaten her with the cushion off the couch to my satisfactory. I calmed down somewhat and gave my daughter her due credit for managing to scare me so successfully. We put the kettle on and sat at the kitchen table eating chocolate, while Leah ran through her whole plan and how she had removed the light globes from the living room and the front porch. All of which she of course put back.

I truly love tradition but I won't lie to you...I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this was a one off experience.

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