I escaped to my sisters after school just needing some time to think everything through... My friends all having constant.. Yeah I'd rather not go there, and the fact I'm getting picked on about my religion.. Great what was next? Oh yeah the part where my sister and her boyfriend sit me down and blab at me because I'm failing.. Great.. Just what I needed.. Not really. At this point in time I'm ready to look at my teachers and say "We will use none of this in real life and don't use the excuse it will help us get a better job!" Or walking out of the school and never going back.. Although I do that I'll get in trouble..  I don't get the concept of school. Teacher praise the students who get everything like BAM! Then there's me.. Slow.. I don't bother asking for help anymore because my teachers seemed to be getting annoyed. well.. I bottom line hate school I dread every Sunday then come 7pm the sickness sets in.. Of course I naturally think.. Flu.. But the reality is.. I'm under smart, I'm not a quick learner, I feel like a fail. Almost like I should be apart of this world this place we call home.  Yet again just yesterday my sister called me.. MOVING! What good is that going to do me. 3 Schools in the last month.. UGH! I can honestly say there isn't going to be a school where I won't get my ass kicked where I won't get my lockers written on saying: MORON FREAK, BIBLE HUGER, DUMB ASS, STUPID, FAT, UGLY, UNWANTED.... Trust me this list goes on. Just once I want someone to tell me the total opposite of what they say.. Just out of the blue.. For the first time in my life I want to hear something along the lines of... “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  That's not much to ask is it?What I wouldn't give to have a text, email, snapchat, instagram or even an message of some on saying something like that.. 

Star Light 

Star Bright

The first star I see tonight

I wish I may I wish I might

Have this wish I wish



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