After being repeatedly told that I shouldn't go out looking for Tia because The Volturi would be looking for me. I decided that I had waited far to long and was worried about her. Knowing that my uncle was killed while Amun stole me, I didn't know what had happened to Tia and if she was all right or suffering. I couldn't bear it if she was suffering.


One night I slipped out of the temple and went looking for Tia. I hid during the day to keep from being discovered.


After a few days I found out that she had married and was now living in Suez. I decided to travel to see her for myself. I had to know she was being cared for.


I found her home and watched her for a few days to see if I could get an opportunity to speak with her. The opportunity came and I took it. She raced to meet me. She was shocked that for the last five years she had thought that I was dead. I told her about the scuffle that had killed our uncle and about Amun transforming me into a vampire. I told her that I had thought of her often during my confinement with Amun after my transformation. We walked through the streets and spoke of many things, remembered many things and laughed at many things.


I noticed that morning was coming soon and I wanted to escort her back home. She assumed that it was because of the tales of vampires dying in the sunlight. I told her that that was misleading and told her what would really happen. I told her of my concern about bringing attention to myself and the Volturi.


She didn't want to go home to him. Not that she was abused or mistreated in anyway. She wanted to be with me like we had planned so many years ago. Secretly my still heart leaped for joy.


I told her that it would be best if she was a vampire and not a fragile human living in my world. I warned her of transformation process. Yet, she still wanted to be with me. We both agreed it would be best if she was transformed before I introduced her to Amun and Kebi.


I created a hole for us to hide in and bit her and the transformation started.


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