Being protective of Seth has been something I have done since he was born. Nobody could pick on my brother, but me. I was the one who watched Seth every moment when he began walking, because for the first few times he had managed to get to eggs on his head from walking into a table and the bookcase. So I took the role of watching him for mom. When Seth started school on the reservation I promised mom I wouldn’t get annoying and to not ‘keep checking up on him’. Like I’d do that...with him noticing. Of course I would watch him without him knowing.

Without my friends noticing I’d watch Seth out of the corner of my eye. And I was glad I did. For I saw Nick and his little gang, the well known bully in Seth’s first grade, pull Seth’s Spiderman lunchbox away from him and push Seth to the ground. I don’t even remember getting up from my seat. One minute I was pretending to join in the conversation with my friends, the next I was walking over to Nick and Seth. Even back then I was tall. I towered over the first grader and snatched the lunchbox back. Nick didn’t seem troubled about my height, so he kicked me in one of my shins. My jaw tightened and I pushed the Spiderman lunchbox back at Seth. I grabbed Nick by the front of his shirt and pushed him away from Seth, I was still holding on to his shirt though. “If I see you near my brother again you won’t have a functioning nose to breathe through. Got it?” I then pushed Nick back with some force, causing him to stumble over himself and fall to the ground. By then his little gang had disappeared, now that they saw their ‘great leader’ fall. That still amuses me. Nick got up and ran after his friends. “Seth don’t let them bully you, ‘kay?” That was all I said to Seth before I began walking back to my group of friends. However before I reached them I got a “Miss Clearwater” from beside me. A teacher on duty had seen me. I turned in the direction that she was waiting for me, but when I reached her I saw a slight smile on her face. “Now I’m not saying what you did was right. I don’t ever want to see you do that again, but I’m glad to see you stood up for your brother and gave that boy a little something of what he has been giving out.” She then left and later I found out she had given Nick and his friends detention, not me.

Mrs. Price was the best teacher. I think after that she became my favorite.

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Comment by Sue Clearwater on January 27, 2010 at 12:02am
Awww Leah, That was a wonderful memory, I know you get on each others nerves, I think to an extent you always will but it still warms my heart to know you are always there for each other when it really counts.
Love Mom xx


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