Edward and I stumbled upon a conversation last night which was a difficult one to address. We have both been noticing that we're being looked at a little harder these days by our colleagues. While Edward is quite good at making himself age ever so slightly, I have not had such luck. Esme and I first started to discuss this a couple years ago but the mere thought is heartbreaking to her and I decided to let it sit. It's come to the realization that it's getting too close to just ignore. 

The Cullens need to start thinking about moving.

I know this is a huge decision and one that we will have to make together, as a family. We are of the mindset that no one is to be left behind and at this time, with Renesme being fully grown and under the protection of Jacob and the rest of the Quileute family, it is crucial that we stay together for the sake of safety.
Esme and I have tossed around a few scenarios. Perhaps we will simply trade residences with the Denali. This will keep the Quileute shape shifters in balance. Perhaps we will move to northern BC and keep a stern watch on things in Forks. We have toyed with the idea that Jasper and Alice or Rose and Emmett could stay behind to keep the balance with the Quileutes. There are many possibilities that we will be discussing over the next months. 
The hardest part, of course, will be leaving Renesmee behind. I don't know if Edward and Bella are truly prepared to do so. I don't honestly know if I am....

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Comment by Carmen Denali on May 24, 2015 at 2:53am
We will help you in anyway possible dear friend.
Comment by Dean Ficco on April 18, 2015 at 6:21am

The life you lead comes with many trials and pains. The upside to this, they are all only temporary. You will all find yourself together in , what I can only assume will feel as, a few short years.


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