It was June 25, and my mom was flying out of Kentucky for home when a HUGE storm hit Iowa and Minnisota. My dad and I were in North Iowa and the storm was coming southeast. My dad had left to go and pick up my mom in Minniapolis, but it was dangerous. Most of the time I was mostly worried about there saftey never my own. There was one of my parents friends that was gonna come and get me when things got bad. I called my cousin since they were in the country and things got bad there first. She said that while I was on the phone ' oh my god things just got really calm then chaos. ' I freaked out and called my parents friends and told her the sirens in the city next to us went off and its getting REALLY dark in the country. She told me to calm down and they would be here soon.

I put my only hamster in the basement along with my cats in case something happened. I was 3 feet away from the door when the power went out. I sprinted out the door and went to there house. We ate there and I watched the cat catch things in his paws. It was entertaining. We sat and told stories and had fun. Eventully she had to go to bed. I sat and read a maginze then waited for my mom and dad to come and get me. They finally got me then we went home and the power was still out! My parents went to bed. I sat down in the living room to wait for the power to go back on. I turned on the pordible DVD player since it has a battery in it that charges. Right as I was getting ever y situated, put my hamster up stairs and get ready for bed. I was just about to press play when all of a sudden, the power went on. I yelled 'POWERS BACK!' And did dishes and went to bed.

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Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on June 27, 2010 at 5:01pm
Yea but my mom just got home from being home all weekso this way she wasnt crabby ALL weekend. And I was TERRIFIED!


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