I live in one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1706 by Spanish colonists, however it had long been home to the ancient Anasazi and Tiwa Native American tribes. Old town still exists and is rich with history and legends ranging from Native American legends to Spanish and Old West legends. It is a great place for history buffs...and paranormal gurus.


I had the chance to take a historical ghost tour in old town last night. The guide talked about several tales originating in that part of the city. The buildings in old town have since been converted into shops and restaurants, since the 1700s and the old San Felipe de Neri church still stands since 1793.


The first stop on the tour was a courtyard located in between buildings that used to be stables in the 1700 and 1800's, which are now shops. Legend has it that a lady killed her fiance with a hatchet in that area because she caught him with another woman. That courtyard was apparently the lovers lane of the 1800s. They say that when couples walk through it at night, they feel the presence of someone following them. They would turn around and briefly see a figure coming at them with a hatchet and disappear just as quickly.


Our second stop led to what used to be a lavish mansion owned by a prominent family in those days. Now it is a restaurant called "La Hacienda". They say the ghost of a scorned woman haunts this place. In life, the woman was killed by her drunk husband after she kicked him out. Apparently she helps out the restaurant staff. We couldn't go in, but the restaurant includes a 2 story portion of the building which looked completely dark when we looked up at the windows. Apparently people can see the woman through the top window looking out.


Also a legend of old town is the one of La Llarona. The river bank used to be in this area. One day a woman threw her children into a drainage ditch because the guy she wanted to be with said he would only be with her if she did not have any children. She realized what she did and as she tried to run from what she did, she slipped and fell in as well, killing herself. They say people can hear her cries when they venture into old town crying "Ay, mis hijos!" and wailing loudly. The tour guide told us of a time here someone called the police when they heard it and they found nothing.


There is also a little unsanctified chapel in old town where people have reported seeing a lady in a black veil inside. She appears after something depressing happens and she sits in the chapel crying. She disappears without a trace. We ventured into that chapel. It is a creepy place but pictures didn't have anything paranormal in them.


The tour ended behind a building which was once a brothel but is now a souvenier shop and restaurant called the Covered Wagon. Legend has it there was a very beautiful red headed woman named Scarlett. She was the envy of all of the other prostitutes and had all of the business. The madame of the building fired her and said if she ever came back in to work she would kill her. The young woman was too proud to listen to the warning and returned to work. The madame grabbed a knife and stabbed her from behind. The young woman died there. They say her spirit walks the balconies and the sidewalks infront of the building. She has even been seen in the alley behind it. 


They also say that the old church was located about 300 feet or so to the west of where it currently stands but flooding caused them to move it to where it is and that happened in 1793, but they left the cemetery where it originally was, building over it. The city thought they had removed all of the bodies, but they did not. Some still lie under the original buildings, causing even more possibility for activity in the area. With the hundreds of people who visit old town every day, it should provide enough energy to the spirits daily to stir something up.


Bottom line is that my city is full of history and legends and it is part of the charm. I love history and anything paranormal so old town Albuquerque is my kind of place.


Have a happy Halloween! I hope some of these legends have stirred the halloween spirit in you :)

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Comment by Kim Chilvers on October 30, 2011 at 9:24pm
i love your blog i love the stories of legends and all the paranormal stuff since i was little i think that is why i don't get scared that easily anymore the only thing that bugs me now is spiders, snakes, mice and people in costumes i think that is because when i was 4 i went to a halloween party and some guy dressed up as a werewolf and i thought he was real so i hid under the table it took me a long time to come out from under the table. oh and real ghosts scare me i had a real experience with one


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