haley rose is my beautiful amazing niece.. i love her just as much as i love my husband, but this blog isn't about him.. haley just turned 19 months today (the 9th), and there isn't a single day that she doesn't amaze me.. yes, i am lucky as i get to see my baby girl EVERY day.. my sister is a school teacher, and she teaches in the town that my parents live in.. i don't live very far from them and i don't have to be into work until later, so i stop by moms every morning and spend time with haley.. let me see.. she has brown hair, the most amazing blue/hazel eyes.. its a mix between my fathers and her (haley's) fathers eyes.. she started crawling at 6 and a half months, and was walking (or i should say running) when she was 10 months.. she doesn't talk yet, but she did say "clock" once, and says mama.. she's a pointer.. what ever she wants she'll just point at, and if you don't understand she'll get frustrated and walk away.. she is so intelligent.. i don't understand how someone that young can have a mind as she does.. she knows and does stuff that one her age shouldn't do.. i love the smell of baby, then again i think everyone does.. if i could sit with her all day and just take in the smell of her silky brown hair, and her smooth skin i'd be in heaven.. for some reason she likes to tourcher me, maybe that's because i like to tourcher her (not tourcher her, but tell her no and she gets mad and bites me, hmmm thats not good).. you know how people say that you can tell what a person is "thinking" or that the "wheels in their head are turning" i never understood that, until haley came around.. no, im not a mind reader but when she decides to concentrate on something you could see them passion in her thoughts.. my whole world changed june 9, 2008 when she was born.. i didn't know if i should be happy that my baby girl had finally arrived, or if i should cry because after 9 and a half months (yes, shes a stubborn sun of a gun) she was finally mine to hold and love.. i didn't know it was possible to love someone with such strong feeling the moment i laid eyes on her, so small, barely taking her first breath.. my sister was over due, and the doctor said, ok come in on monday we're going to enduce.. i had to work that day, but i left early, so i could be there for moral support for my sister.. she was scared shittless (that's a whole different story.. but for starters her whole life she wasn't too keen to jump into the mommy world but theres more to that) when i got there i was scared for my sister looking at all of the machines she was hooked up to (my sister and i are close, and i don't like to see her in pain, it rips me up inside).. but i put on my "you're going to be ok, if i have to stay here and hold your hand the whole time your popping this kid out" look and her and i sat in the bed, watching teen wolf (go figure).. then the doctor came in and said "honey we're going to have to give you a c-section, every-time the Platonism shoots into you, the babys heart rate lowers.. if we wait any longer it can be bad".. i dont know what i felt, i just know a wave of emotions hit me all at once, and i didn't know what to think at first.. is my sister, my best friend ok? is the baby ok? whats happening?? ugh i hate not knowing anything.. we all said our good lucks, congratulations to her separately.. i remember sitting in the room with my mom right after they took my sister out, and her looking at my with tears in my eyes and her grabbing my hand saying "she's going to be alright, haleys going to be alright.. it will all be over, before you know it".. i take after my "father" in a way.. we are both restless and don't like to wait.. so i went out in the hall to stand (more like pace) the hall with him.. one moment we were standing, waiting for something, and the next one of the nurses opened the door to walk into the operating room, and as the door was closing we heard a baby cry.. i will NEVER forget this moment for as long as i shall live.. my father and i both exchanged a look.. a "no, haley can't be here already" look.. a "that's not haley look".. i remember i walked into the birthing room to look at the clock and it said 4:50.. about 5 minutes later, my brother in law, and a nurse were walking down the hall to bring haley to the nursery, and she stopped to talk to us (the nurse), and i said what time was she born.. "4:50", sot it was haley we heard screaming.. i think i broke into tears when i first saw her.. i immediately went by her saying "haley it's aunt karyn welcome to the world baby" and with that her eyes shot right in the direction that my voice was coming from.. how can a baby know someones voice 5 minutes old?? it was amazing.. from that moment on that someone, not in a motherly kind of way, but in a authority, friendship kind of way, would depend on me for that moment on.. we followed the nurse to the nursery.. and all i could do was stare at her.. my beautiful nice, 6 lbs, 7 oz 21 inches.. she was perfect.. i think i forgot about my sister for a minute.. now nearly 2 years has passed, and i know haley adores me.. she is shy, when she is around alot of people that she doesn't know.. it just makes me happy, that when mommy isnt near, that i can be a security blanket to her.. i have a purpose in life, and it is to love and be loved by ms. haley rose.. her first year flew by.. when my sister was on christmas break, and i didn't see her for a week (because i saw her every day from september to december), i was amazed how her face had changed in 1 week, how she got taller.. i can't believe my love bug is going to be 2 years old.. i can't even express how much i love her, that sometimes my husband gets jealous that i put more time and effort into haley, then into him.. he knows that i love him as much as haley, and i am just as passionate towards him as i am to her.. haley counts on me, and i refuse to let her down.. thanks for listening to my story.. it bought back alot of memories sharing it..


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