so it is snowing outside right now which really sucks, as i have to go to work tomorrow, unless they call a state of emergency.. which i don't see that happening.. work has been difficult the last few days.. i left work mid afternoon on thursday and didnt return until monday.. i was having god awful migraines for a week and decided it was time to go see my doctor.. joy!!! let me tell you.. so i get a bbm from her friday afternoon, which i didn't think anything of because we always bbm each other.. however, she asked me how i felt then she said "oh yeah im going to be out on monday". wonderful!! so i go into work and am bombarded the second i walk in, the guys asking me to change orders (i work for a trucking company) and the phone ringing and i open my email and i have 93 emails.. well, there went my morning.. plus i had to do half of her job, and walk to the other side and scan some of our inbound paperwork, which takes about 15 minutes to do.. so i do her scanning for her, and send the scans.. it was about 11am, and i could finally start my own work (printing orders, sending emails, taking appointments, making labels etc), and i just got bombarded, and didn't have time to check anything that was done on friday... so i walk in this morning and immediately she goes "you didn't check anything from friday or monday" and i said no.. so i go back to doing my work and hear her huffing.. so one of my co-workers text me, and i say "shes pissed at me because she actually has to work".. side note.. my boss comes in at 8am, well 8:15ish, and immediately she has her phone out and is texting and bbming and emailing and talking on the phone.. believe me im not worried about that, i do have my moments where i text, bbm and tweet.. don't we all?? but seriously in my 10 hour days if i do it for 1 hour that's alot for me.. whereas she sits there for 4 hours doing that when she is there for 7 hours, and what ever she doesn't do i have to stay and do.. im sorry, dont take me the wrong way.. i understand that she has kids, and needs to leave to attend them, however, how is she office manager? most of her day is doing personal stuff.. while i work my ass off.. i literally had to sit with her for 4 hours, and i swear she spent about 2 hours on personal calls, walking the warehouse, texting.. im sorry its getting very old and annoying.. when im there until 6-7pm every night (holidays and fridays included).. and then she went around telling everyone who would listen to her that she was mad at me and she was going to ignore me.. there are many times when i would like to say "im scheduled to work until 5:30 im leaving" but i dont.. she leaves everyday at 3pm on the dot.. wtf?? ok, sorry for my rambling, im just frustrated and i want to strangle something.. it irritates me, as no one sees anything wrong with her behavior.. oh, so my favorite part was.. the guy juan (whom is not my favorite person in the whole world, and i make i known.. he lacks common sense.. please tell me why in the right state of mind, you would tell someone at 4pm, when we cut off people coming in, that your 9am appointment hasn't shown up?? how does that give us time to call dispatch and find out where the driver is??? and im not allowed to leave until he is done.. so if im done at 2, and he isnt done until 7 im stuck there.. granted im hourly, but hello i do want to go home sometimes) who does the outbound, decides to get sick, so i have to cover for him.. now again the brainless imbecile i work with just gets up speaks to the manager and tells her he's sick (which im not bitching about) so i go down there, and i have no idea what is going on.. hes not very good with communicating.. again, i understand you are sick and need to leave, but stay 2 minutes, and give me a quick rundown on whats going on.. when i left my desk, i told my boss what i did, and what i didnt do so she would have some sort of clue as to what needed to be done in preparation for this storm.. we got all of wednesday and thursdays orders done.. just in-case.. so im hoping that they call a state of emergency with this 15 feet of snow that we're supposedly getting this evening into tomorrow.. its been snowing since 8:30 and we already have about half a inch.. its supposed to snow all day tomorrow.. i work my ass off.. for what though?? to pay my bills?? all i do now is eat (sometimes), sleep and work.. more so sleep and work.. i havent seen my friends since this summer.. i dont think i have any friends anymore.. my boss brings all of her personal problems to work.. i dont want to hear how her and her husband are separated at the moment, and if they work things out wonderful and if they dont then they gave it their best shot.. its getting really old and annoying.. why dont you put as much effort into your work and time at work, as you do with fighting with and hating your husband??? we might get more work done, and all be able to get out when the sun is still up.. she mad a comment about that today "you know before all this shit started with my husband i used to be here until 7pm all of the time".. i nearly choked, because i have NEVER seen her there past 4.. EVER!!!!!!!
its funny, how you catch yourself growing up.. i could remember just last summer, when i HAD to go out every friday and saturday (i thought it was against my religion to stay home), now a few short months later (this has nothing to do with work), i could careless about going out.. i rather sit by myself on a friday night and just watch movies.. im out of the whole club scene, and that is ALL that my friends do.. im not old, per say, but im not 21 anymore.. half the people who go to clubs, and 21 year olds, who thrive on getting drunk.. sorry getting drunk and all retarded isnt becoming..
well, im done bitching for now.. thanks for listening to me ramble..

<3 k

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