Fear is the one thing that every human being experiences. It's the moment when your heart skips a beat, the adrenaline rushes through your veins, and your mind is scattered in a million places at once. Fear is when anxiety that you may never see that person again; or you potentially could lose your life... It could even be as simple as seeing a spider in your house (if you are arachnophobic, of course).


But the particular fear I am planning to write about tonight is that of not being able to see the future... And being terrified by what may come about. 


Every time I go into the doctor's office, the doctor reads up on my medical history, and is raising his or her eyebrows at all of the illnesses I've had. I cannot tell you how many times I've felt fear. It's been much too many times for a person my age. I've been poked and prodded too many times, visited emergency rooms too many times, and been fearful for my life MUCH MUCH MUCH too many times. Of course, it won't make much difference if I tell you about my history, but regardless, I've felt fear. 


I used to be deathly afraid of needles, though. It was quite a prominent fear, (of course everyone hates needles) but after years of being poked and prodded, I watch it go in. It's kind of fun to watch. Interesting. 


Fear is an inevitable part of daily life. Whether it be gasping as some idiot pulls out in front of you at an intersection when you have the right of way... Or fearing that your basil might die because of the hot weather... Or that you MAY have lost everything on your harddrive because your computer crashed... Fear is there. 


But the one thing I've learned that overcomes fear is hope. Looking toward what COULD be, and what WILL be. Visualizing what it feels like to feel well, and happy and healthy. It just makes it that much better. 


How do we get away from fear, you ask?

I'd simply answer with this... You must learn to cope with it. You can't run from it, like any other emotion.


xxx Sarah

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