Lying down on my couch, I look around my room. In the background my Ipod is playing a selection of songs thats Dad’s compositions. Stretching, I give a big happy sigh. This is it me doing it my way. Well in a matter of speaking.

It’s been nearly a month now that I have moved to La Push and is the proud owner of a room that is probably big enough to be a one bedroom apartment minus the bathroom and kitchen. Although I do have a small corner that has a mini bar fridge and a kettle. I mean a girl needs her luxuries.

So in a way I am living on my own. My room is an extension to Jake and Billy’s house and this makes my place even more amazing. Now I get to spend time with Jake daily and I even started to make suppers regularly for Billy and Jake.

I miss my Mom and Dad naturally but I know this was the right move for all of us. Mom and Dad never really had that just the two of us time after they got married and Mom seems to be enjoying Seattle very much. She still comes to visit a lot and I will probably go spend a week there once I get a break from college.

Dad is doing so well with his studies and I think that being around Grandpa has given him that extra edge the other med students don’t have.

I suppose if you have to ask me what my most favourite thing is about having my own space is just that. I have my own space and I must say I am really enjoying this independence.

I also love the fact that I am so close to Jake now. I can already see him being more at ease seeing that we aren’t really that far apart anymore. I also love the way I sometimes wake up in the night to see him sleeping near my bed in his wolf form. He normally does that just before a patrol or after but I love knowing that he is always looking after me.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be so amazing in so many ways. Although I do feel that my final growth spurt is coming closer.  But then it will be over and I will be done with all that.

I am really looking forward to reaching the end of my growth and just start living my future and of course that includes the love of my life, Jake.


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Comment by Blair Mell on January 31, 2013 at 12:04pm

I am so glad you are happy Ness I realy hope that you are forever happy and make sure you take care of yourself Love Lisa


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