My guests arrived roughly around 10pm, as is customary for dinner in europe, for a lavishly prepared and catered feast by the finest restaurant in town. Everything was cooked perfectly to Mr Tavik Dolejs's liking. They were served in the finest china and crystal stemware. Only the very finest money can buy. Vladimir came through with a case of some of the finest wine vintage 1992. Although it doesn't seem that drastically long ago, the weather was ideal in Tuscany and the grape gods smiled upon the vineyards. The wine was exceptional. The aroma filled the gallery and the soft pungent scent of cheese set the tone nicely. I was sure the evening would be a complete success; and it was. 

As the guests perused my gallery and oogled some of my rarer pieces, the time came for the unveiling of the piece I was to purchase this night from Mr. Dolejs's personal collection. The rare "Cows in a Pasture" Painting by Eugene Boudin.

The mere thought of owning this piece sent sparks across my skin. I have coveted it for many years. I remained calm, cool and collected as I did not want to appear over eager. I allowed the guests to enjoy the evening at their leisure and when the time arrived, a toast was given in praise of Eugene Boudin and fine art. Tavik unveiled the painting and I hung it in the place I prepared earlier, it was a perfect addition to my gallery; the missing link, so to speak. The wall was complete and the guests were quite pleased.
As a 'treat' we decided to show them Vlad's newly built wine cellar. They were quite impressed with the imported mahogany wood, the wrought iron metal work and the walls of precious, rare & vintage wine. It's truly a sight to see. Unfortunately the night came to a rather abrupt end..... for my guests that is. They had their fill of wine and food, their blood was filled with the rich bouquet of fermented alcohol and that was simply irresistible. One thing let to another and within moments, Vlad and I were walking back upstairs, to the gallery to admire my new 'baby'. If you ever do business with the Romanians, it's best to do all transactions via a courier service. 

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