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Christmastime in Romania

Sibiu Christmas Market in Romania

Christmastime in Romania is a magical experience. Much has changed since the old days but at the same time, much has remained the same. The Sibiu Christmas market has been going for quite a few years now and has grown in size each year. It's an amazing…


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Springtime in Romania

I love Springtime here in Romania. The flowers and fresh scent of newness is invigorating and stimulating. I have been sitting idle for months as my gallery continues it's success. I've hired a curator and someone to also manage the gallery as a whole. We're gearing up for our first exhibition of the 2017 year and I cannot be happier with how things are going.

As I sit here at home on the back patio and gaze across our property, my senses are completely filled with colour, fragrance,…


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One... two...

A long, long time ago our reign fell. We were too cocky and were over powered by the Volturi. They annihilated our coven and destroyed our spirit. Vlad and I are the last two of our coven and we stand with pride, waiting, watching and working to rebuild or empire. Little do they know what's coming for them. We bide our time... waiting, watching and…


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A Common Trait

I'm sure you know the story from their stand point so here I am to give my witness to what actually happened that day.

I saw them arrive. If I did not know better I would have sworn the dead heart within me was pounding. They arrived with a fluid swiftness, like a tsunami but with a sudden halt. Aro's eyes met mine and instantly a rage exploded within me. I looked to Carlisle for any sign of advancement but he stood his ground, patiently waiting. I felt them fools for not rushing into…


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Bal du Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste Renior

Art is my passion. It is what gives me my breath, so to speak. I need it to exist. Without art life would be a dull, bland mixture of noise, chaos and discord. Art brings balance, harmony and reason to that which would otherwise just be a pointless existence. I am almost ready to open the gallery to the public. I have purchased a nice building in Edessa in a rich, tourist section of Macedonia. Renovations will be complete very shortly and I'm very eager to announce the grand opening sometime…


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Beneath the Night

Beneath the night that covers me

A scream disturbs the town

It rings throughout the neighborhood

And shakes this very ground

I stand over the body

I know they'll flood the street

Looking for the source of sound

I hear their running feet

Despite the wrath of blood and tears

I steal into the night

I have no guilt, I've no regret

For what I've done is right

My kind are made to do…


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The opening of a new Gallery

I have been traveling quite a bit of late. Rome, Scandinavia, India and other ancient cultural places. Thought in my travels each place I've visited has been an alright area for me to open an art galIery but I found a piece of property in Greece that is very appealing. I've decided to open an art gallery. I have decided to display some pieces as well as offer some for sale. I think this area will prove to be a good target market area due to  wide spread the tourist traffic. Greece is already…


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A Vow in Red

Once up on a fairytale

When days were filled with love

I laid beneath an olive tree

And watched the stars above

My hand caressed her softly

Her curls spilled to the ground

My heart beat loudly in my chest

My true love I had found

The time came and I changed her

Eternal life was ours

Our lives we'd spend together

Beneath the moon and stars

But time went by too quickly

Our bliss…


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Journal post entry 14 May, 2012

Vlad is selling wine like mad. We live a vey comfortable existence of late. I know it will be short lived but as of right now we're enjoying it and as the saying goes, "we're living high off the hog"

It's easy to get lazy with this sort of life style but trust me, we are doing nothing of the sort. We are well aware that the Volturi know of our whereabouts and we're laying as low as possible as to stay under the radar. Vlad and I have discussed rebuilding our coven but at this time we…


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There is no place on earth that I have traveled that has a more beautiful spring than Romania. Vlad and I have had the estate caretakers plant an array of flowers that have started to show signs of blooming. Something about the pungent fragrance of new blossoms sets my wanderlust in motion. I need elbow room, clear open space away from my brother's smothering. He means well, honestly he does but the constant movement here within the estate has me antsy and I'm getting very close to losing my…


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My Father's Signet Ring

I have one thing that has never left my possession and that is my father's iron signet ring.

The history of the signet ring is fascinating. To put it short, a signet ring was used as a person's signature.

Many powerful people, even Lords, could not read or write so they created a symbol that was uniquely their own. When a scribe completed a document for them…


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Ringing in the New Year, Romanian Style

The bear is a symbol of strength and courage in Romania, and through out the country, Bears are at the heart of an unusual New Year festival designed to chase away evil spirits. Children and adolescents are dressed from head to foot in bear-skin pelts. It's an old tradition for people to wear brightly colored costumes or bear pelts & travel to different houses dancing to ward off evil. The children sing children sing …


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Cows in a Pasture

My guests arrived roughly around 10pm, as is customary for dinner in europe, for a lavishly prepared and catered feast by the finest restaurant in town. Everything was cooked perfectly to Mr Tavik Dolejs's liking. They were served in the finest china and crystal stemware. Only the very finest money can buy. Vladimir came through with a case of some of the finest wine vintage 1992. Although it doesn't seem that drastically long ago, the weather was ideal in Tuscany and the grape gods…


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All Hallows Eve

Vlad has always been a prankster. He's not always stealthy about it but he's fast. All Hallows Eve is celebrated with lights, parties and festivities all over Romania. The people still fear superstitions that revolve around Vlad the Impaler. Parties erupt all around Bucharest. Costumed people dance in the streets, gambling, sex and crime is at a peak during this week. The festivities are meant to ward off evil spirits but little do they know that it only attracts us more. Being what we are,…


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Once upon a time in the land of hush-a-bye....

Once upon a time in the land of hush-a-bye.... 

No, that's really not how it all started but it did start once upon a time, long, long ago. A boy was born to a land baron and his wife. That boy grew up a carefree life, playing and studying all over Europe until one day he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or perhaps he was exactly where he was destined to be.

I cannot speculate what happened as my memory of that time has long faded to black. I don't really…


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Make no mistake..

My brother and I are used to solitude. It's simply a way of existence for us. We're unable to stay in one place very long due to circumstances with the Volturi. They wiped out almost our entire coven. I feel vengeance for them yet a sort of pity as well. They call themselves the lawmen of the vampire race. I believe it's a front. Who put them in charge anyway? They are full of themselves to the point of even considering themselves as saints. What's all the hullabaloo about St. Marcus Day? I…


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Water has been restored to the estate

The wells have been dug out and the water in the house is once again running clear. The process by which a well is dug is very simple and primitive.

To Begin digging the well you need to be sure it is roughly five feet across in a circular shape. The digging of a well can be a very dangerous process and takes at least two people. One person…


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Our Current Residence

Suceava district of Romania is known for it's touristic value and potential. This is pleasing for myself and Vladimir as we can safely hunt and go about our existence with little threat to being discovered. Within a short distance from the mansion, one can find the famous Romanian monastaries of Sucevita, Varatec, Agapia. The region is known also for its forests which cover 40%… Continue

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My Livelihood and Passion


Vampires have incredibly heightened senses. With that comes the immense pleasure that we get when using them.Vladimir collects fine wine and I collect art. It makes for a very compatible existence. Though it is part of my livelihood it is also aesthetically pleasing and gives me great pleasure. I have a vast collection of fine art that I have amassed while on the move. …


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