I am sure that everyone has a different view on what they think of that day every year when they add another year to their age.  I have faint memories of human birthdays. They were always pleasing. The years after my change and before I joined the Volturi family. I never celebrated my birthday. There was a burning hatred to the woman who turned me and I didn't want to think about being frozen at 20. I admit I was pleased when she Hilda was destroyed.

I had been with the Volturi a few months when I realised that the date of my birthday was fast approaching and I prepared myself to let it pass without mentioning it to anyone. -laughs- I was so wrong there. I remember sitting in my chambers when Mother Sulpicia came to the door and asked to come in.  Mother has a way of getting you to talk about what is bothering you. I admitted to her that my birthday was approaching but I didn't want to celebrate it. During her visit I confessed the reason why. 

When my birthday came around I was bestowed with gifts from the family and I have to admit I was touched that everyone was trying to make the day as pleasing for me as much as possible. -smiles fondly remembering-.  Over the years my outlook on birthdays has changed. I look forward to my birthday now after so many years. -laughs to myself- I still look good for 472. But I stopped counting after 350. I admit I am one of the youngest of the family. Well age wise. 

Family is what makes birthdays special and my family is foremost in making that happen. And I just want to thank them. 

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Comment by Jane Volturi on May 5, 2012 at 9:05am
We are family, sister. As one of the Volturi, your birthday will always be recognized. *grins* Sometimes, more obnoxiously than you'd wish for.


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