I know I can say without a doubt that this past holidays have been one of the best I have ever spend since Ayasha was born, it was just so special that I know I also speak for my husband when I say it was just perfect.

Sam and I save a lot, I still have most of my savings from when I worked at the local high school teaching art and like I said I married an amazing man and we are always thinking of the future so we save for our daughter and her needs as well as our own, there for when we got Shay’s birthday and Christmas list, we were not worried and just got to it, and her list was as follows:

-Doll house

-Barbie jeep car

-Pretty princess dresses

-Princess dolls

And of course clothes for her dolls and for her, Sam and I were really excited when we went shopping for her presents and even had some fun ourselves at the toy store, better said my husband had some fun with the toys, but I just love spending time with him and this was not the exception, after our shopping we were very pleased we had found everything on our baby girls list and a bit more.

Close to Christmas we picked up everything from the store and got to wrapping them and hiding the big things before she woke up and came to catch us, thankfully she never goes out to the garage so we hid the car and doll house in there, but the real magic happen on Christmas morning when she went down to the living room and saw all her presents  it just made it all worth it,  because seeing the look on her face when she saw everything was simply priceless,  you really cannot out a price on your baby girls happiness, I know we can’t, she is the most precious treasure Sam and I have and her happiness means the world to us and I know if we had to we, would do it all over again.

After opening all our gifts and playing with her, we had dinner as a family and watched her play with her jeep in the house, yes inside the house, Sam moved all the furniture back and tried teaching her how to drive it, we had a lot of fun and she was beyond excited, it really was a magical day I know Shay will never forget it and neither will we.

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