My dear,sweet little girl, sitting here watching you play, seeing how big you are getting,
makes me realize how fast time goes by.It seems like it was only yesterday when
your daddy and I first knew of your existence, we could not be any happier and ever since
that moment we loved you. You were the greatest gift life could have given us and we could
hardly wait to have you in our arms.
Something your daddy did every day was that he would lean his head on my belly to talk to you
about your silly uncles and he would tell you how much he loved you and every night just like
I do now I would sing for you and as I did your daddy would rub my belly. A funny story comes to mind
now, this happened one night as we were preparing to go to sleep, your daddy was rubbing my belly
and planting small kisses when you kicked for the first time and well you kicked him, we laughed so
much that night and we still do sometimes when he remembers and you did too when he told
you about it not so long ago.
So many wonderful memories and feelings come to me when I see you that I wanted to share a
little with you and tell you how much I love you and how much I expected you to come into my
arms and now the waiting is over since I'm able to hold you every dayI know many more memories
and special moments will come and I am waiting eagerly for them to come,also I want to share with
you a poem that was written specially for you shortly after you were born.

Love Always

 Like the mighty Thunderbird with wings outstretched,

I saw your face and tears I wept.

For no other sight can touch a mother’s heart,

more so than the moment new life begins its start.

Days of endless waiting clashed with sweet surprise,

bringing with it tears of joy to my disbelieving eyes.

Rejoicing in the sound of your tiny little cry,

I soothed you into slumber with a Quileute lullaby.

A face just like an angel, I sheltered you from harm,

your rosy cheeks and perfect skin just adding to your charm.

Blessed beyond imagination, I sat and watched you sleep,

not a single word was needed; the birds shared not a peep.

Bathed in silent awe, the daylight slipped away,

and there inside the darkness, I found something to say.

It came out like a whisper passing on the breeze,

a sensation of such magnitude it sent me to my knees.

With a kiss upon your forehead, the words came swift and true,

“My precious little angel, I will forever cherish you”.

Original copyrighted poem written for CullensOnline by

  Victoria Lattanzio

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Comment by Kathleen on April 14, 2012 at 6:55am

That's a very beautiful poem Emily!

Comment by Emily Uley on April 11, 2012 at 4:08pm

Indeed we are very proud of her Leo , she is means the world to us *smiles*


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