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Uh..whatever you want to call it...

GET READY ..........................

FOR THE GREATEST ................


IN ALL OF HISTORY (It's so good it should be a movie) ......

your's truly

Ello people!

Part 1: Myself
Well, I'm never good at starting these things so I'll just talk. Well I'm very laid back and chill. I love to have fun but there's nothing wrong with just chilling inside your house and listening to the rain fall. I spend most of my time on the computer, making music or drawing. I write music all day and I draw at random times. I like having interesting conversations. I like topics that make me think. But I also just love to talk about music, movies, etc. I LOVE playing my guitar (even though I still suck) I LOVE to laugh and be random!! At first I might seem kind of quiet, but once you get to know me, that'll change real quick. I like going school ("OMG did she just say she liked school?!") No. I don't like school, I like going to scool. Difference. You can mostly catch me at the movies or just chilling on the curb with my friends being goofy. I like helping people with their problems and I'm good at giving advice when needed. I love my friends to death! I don't really fit in with the friends I have now, though I appreciate them in every way. Parents not so much. I'm ALWAYS nice and easy to talk to. But if you have drama take it somewhere else, because if you bring it here, you'll have one less friend on your list. Got it? Good :) I'm so happy we can be friends! *hug*

Part 2: My Perspective
I believe in love at first sight. I believe that love conquers all. I believe that all good things must come to an end, but I also believe that good things come to those who wait. I don't think its right to judge people. I think it is important to see the world through someone else's perspective every once in a while. You might not know what someone else is going through, or why they do what they do until you see through their eyes. I believe that it is possible to learn something from everyone you meet, friend or enemy. I think that society puts way too much pressure on academic goals and not enough on personal goals. It's fine to go to college and be succesfull, but if you're miserable the whole time than it doesnt matter. Life is too short to waste. I don't believe that a persons destiny is already chosen. I believe that a person can make their own destiny if they have enough passion to do so.

Part 3: The Most Important Thing To Me (Music)
Yes music is the most important thing to me. Music is what drives me. It's what inspires me. It's what effects what mood I'm in. It's what gets me through the night. I love music. One of the best things about music, is that if you have a favorite song it never changes. It's always constant and it's always there for you. Music can change lives (litreally). Music can be someones escape if they have no way out. If for only 3 1/2 minutes you feel important, or specail or understood then music has done it's job. You can come up with your best ideas while listening to music. Or you could have a revolation, that you would have never had on your own. Music is universal. Music is a lifestyle. It's my lifestyle.

I love to live life to the fullest. I like to live my life as if each day were my last. I don't like having things planned out. I mostly listen to my heart and not my head. I like to do whatever inpires me at the time. Life is too short to regret the past and life is too short to worry about the future. So make each day so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

Authors note: So there you have it, THE BEST STORY EVER, jk. If you read all that then you have no life at all! No I'm just kidding! But seriously, if you read all that then thank you from the very bottom of my troubled little heart.



*me looking surprised in my seat* WHA!!! NO!!! *goes down to stage*

} I'm anemic (I don't have enough iron in my blood, I get cold eaisly and I get exhausted fast)
} I'm shy......
} I live and breathe FALL OUT BOY
} I'm the youngest of 3
} My BEST(more than anyone can know) friend is 22
} My hair changes color in the summer
} I love winter MORE then summer
} I dont like scary movies.....
}My favorite sotres are RUE 21, Hot Topic, Spencer's and F.Y.E.
} Strawberry is the best flavor of anything
} Oreo's are MMMMMMM!!!
} I like grapes, but I HATE grape juice, pop, candy, etc.
} I like the smell of rain
} Fruit is yummy
} Veggies are bleh
} I like to look at the stars, every night, just because they are there
} I often look out of my window at 2am in the morning
} I draw in drama class ALL the time (stupid people took up all the space in drawing so I got stuck in drama, lol)
} I wonder what it would be like to live underwater
} I know that time doesnt exist everywhere
} Probably not gonna go to college....
} I spend 1/2 of my life sleeping, 100/100 online, 0.01% on school work (Oh and that probably makes no sense because I can't do math,and yet I have all A's)
} I can read people, better then books ( so dont play me)
} I appreciate the simple things in life, love is all I need (still waiting though...)
} Take me somewhere where is rains and I'll love you forever
} I like my space, but at the same time I wouldnt know what to do with myself alone
} I can memorize the words to a song aftter just one listen
} God? Music is my religion
} I don't get angry at people, I write to vent
} I hold in my emotions too much
} I write at least 5 songs a day
} I'm the BEST person about hiding their true emotions....


*me* *waves frantically till camera fades out*

:) rain
:) dolphins
:) poetry
:) pretending to have a british accent, lol (only my Mimi will get that)
:) taking pictures
:) movies (specially ones that make me wanna cuddle)
:) stars
:) snow
:) art
:) sleeping during the day, and being up at night
:) people who make me feel special
:) SNICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmm

:( SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!
:( politics (bleh)
:( most rap music
:( people who think they are better then every else
:( followers
:( people who think they know everything
:( mean people
:( most reality T.V.
:( sterotypes

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