Have you ever....

Ask the question...
Have you ever?

The next person would say whether they have or they have not...

Then they will ask Have you ever? and so on..

I'll begin -

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no but I wish

Yes, Just recently to go to Pennsylvania 

Yes, I already went to Santiago in Chile.,Los Angeles.

Have you ever taken part in a television program?

Yes I have! I'm not gonna tell you who was in the dream-giggles- :)

Have you ever been to La Push and ran up and down First Beach?
Nope yet, but I'd love to do it :D
Have you ever gone traveling with all your classmates and no parents??
Yes! To Toronto Canada and also to Ocean Beach Maryland!!

Have you ever traveled out of country for the Winter Holidays?
Yes I have in 7th grade!
Have you ever skipped down the street, not caring what people think?
errm i did once but never again

Have you ever seen somthing you didn't want to?(like a horror movie or anything)

yes i was funny


have you ever told a secret to a best friend that you didnt want no oe to know and they told everyone about it?

yeah, it was one of the worst times of my life.


Have you ever had an all nighter? If so what did you do to keep yourself entertained?

yeah, I watched Twilight then got on fanfiction and drank lots of Dr.PEpper?



HAve you every fall on your face infront of yourcrush?

In Reply to Lindsey Nicole Sullivan<3 : I have never fallen on my face in front of a crush


Have you ever shot rockets off in your back yard?



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