Are you the REAL Cullens?
The Cullens are characters created by Stephenie Meyer for the Twilight series. Sadly for us all, the Cullens are not real. We are just portraying them out of love and homage.

Are you the real Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewert/etc.?
Wouldn't it be nice to think the real RPatz was typing this right now. While some of us are actors, none of us are the actors that portray these characters in the films. For the most part we're just regular people with an unfettered addiction to and love for Twilight.

How do I get a role?
We are constantly trying to grow our family, so we love it when people are interested in joining us. We take what we do around here pretty seriously - so if you're willing to make a commitment we highly suggest you apply for a role. If you look to the right of your screen there you will see Carlisle's name - Click that and send him a message to learn more about joining us for one of our open roles!

If you have more questions - post them below and weI'll add them to the FAQ.

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Whether you're the real Robert Pattinson or not..I don't care..
coz it makes me happy knowing that at least a guy like you, form another side of the earth responds to my messages *smiles*
im with baby_butch on that i love knowing i can get on here and talk to EDWARD,BELLA,JACOB,MIKE,JESSICA and the rest.*kisses hugs and smiles*
high five! :]]
It reallt doesn't matter, the way you have the time and love to actually run this site is just brilliant. I thank you :)
i agree all the way!!!!! I love it when everyone replies to my messages ! Its so cool to be on this site!
I wholeheartedly agree with everything everybody just said, but I'd like to add, I can't believe how incredibly nice you've all been, and how welcomed you have made me feel,

Thank you so much.
Whatever you are in real life doesn't matter, the fact that you make us happy is what is important. ;D You're a voice. ;D Responses are nice. ;D
I understand that you are not the real Cullens, but I was wondering about the pictures of all the characters. Are these the people who will portray the characters we haven't seen in the films yet in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? If so very good selection of actors/actresses.
it dont matter who u are..i thank yall for making me feel so welcomed
I enjoy the theme, I know you are just honoring the characters in Stephenie Meyer's dream. And not the characters, or actors either way. I know I will enjoy it here.. Even if I never get a feature character.. Or at least one I want, I know will enjoy it here. Thank you to the staff for creating this site.

Not the real Carlisle? *gasps* I WANT MY MONEY BACK! 


So kidding. You are the real Carlisle to me. (and, well, everyone else.)



*folds my arm's* Pinch me and you will see if I'm the real deal



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