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Time flies by

Sitting here planning Shay’s birthday makes me think just how time passes by us it just seemed as yesterday I was still pregnant with her and now I have not only her but my Little man Sammy, unbelievable yes I know my little girl is turning 4 years old tomorrow and my baby is already 3 months.

Yes my baby girl has turned out to be the most amazing little girl in the world she is kind, noble and loving and I know she would do anything to make her baby brother happy she amazes me every…


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Samuel Levi Uley

After waiting what seemed like forever and about 11 hrs in labor finally at 8:15 pm on August 28th, our baby boy arrived, weighing 6 pounds 8 oz 21 inches, it was an easier delivery than when Shay was born but I was still scared, Sam and Dr. Cullen gave me the confidence that it would all be okay and with my husband’s love and Dr. Cullen’s guidance Samuel Levi Uley arrived to enhance our lives.

The pain you go through labor is forgotten if the reward you get is a little…


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Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

This past June 13th was our 4th wedding anniversary, another year to celebrate the day we said “I do”, the day our lives became one and was just not “you” and “I” anymore, we became “Us”, so many happy memories that we have shared this past 4 years, now when I see our little girl product of our love I cannot help but smile and look around at our wonderful life we have, I could not ask for anything else, I have everything, a wonderful amazing loving husband a perfect and…


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It's a boy!!!

After weeks of uncertainty the day finally came, we saw our baby one more time and we are sure he is growing strong and healthy, listening to his heart is the most wonderful sound in the world for a parent to be, I remember the first time I heard Shay’s heartbeat, I could not stop crying of pure joy and the same feeling came back when I listen to my munchkin’s heartbeat and it was extra special because Shay came with us this time and she saw the baby with her own eyes.

We thought it…


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The joys of pregnancy

Not all pregnancies are the same, well I can tell you they cannot be more right about that, in my first pregnancy I had a lot of morning sickness and as a matter in fact it was the reason why Sam took me to the doctor and how we found out I was pregnant with Ayasha, I had a lot of cravings but could not tolerate to be even near sea food or anything heavily vanilla scented and one thing I did love to eat was Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and by the way I think that’s why Shay loves them…


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An imminent fear

I have been married to Sam for over 2 years now and never had I have any doubt that we’ll always be together, not because I am his imprint but because of the love we hold for each other, but a couple of nights ago just for mere seconds my thoughts betrayed me.

We had gone to bed without nothing wrong happening all, it had been a relaxing night at home with my family as it always is, we had dinner talked about our day, he answered the phone and told me it was one of the guys just… Continue

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There is always a first

There are a lot of first times in a person’s life and each of them are full of wonderful memories , ones we want to hold on to for the rest of our lives and in my case it’s not the exception.

And here are just some of those wonderful memories:

The first time the love of your life tells you “I love you”, is the most wonderful sensation you can ever experience, they say that the only I love you that will ever count and make you feel like you are swept of your feet and feel…


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The accident

The day was not the best for a long drive but I really wanted to get the supplies so I could start teaching Shay how to paint, so after letting Sam know where I would go I prepared Shay and we took off driving carefully as the roads where very slippery.

We didn't spend much time in Port Angeles, I wanted to go back home before it was dark and to make dinner for Sam as he had to patrol and knew he was going to be starving when he arrived back home, by the time we finished our shopping…


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Another perfect holiday

I know I can say without a doubt that this past holidays have been one of the best I have ever spend since Ayasha was born, it was just so special that I know I also speak for my husband when I say it was just perfect.

Sam and I save a lot, I still have most of my savings from when I worked at the local high school teaching art and like I said I married an amazing man and we are always thinking of the future so we save for our daughter and her needs as well as our own, there…


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Sometimes I wonder

What makes me wonder, sometimes I don’t even know the answer to that myself, but other times, I do know what I wonder about, and that’s my life and how things have turned out, and don’t get me wrong I love my life and I love my husband and daughter with all my heart, but loving them they way I do and knowing they love me to it’s what makes me wonder if this life was really meant for me.

I really never imagined it would be my life, that I would be in love with Sam and have his…


Added by Emily Uley on November 29, 2012 at 1:43pm — 1 Comment

My Birthday

This year my birthday started with my favorite breakfast in bed made by the two most important people in my life, my husband and my daughter, and of course with Shay jumping on the bed to wake me up yelling “Happy Birthday mommy”  and giving me a huge hug and kiss, followed by Sam. We sat on the bed and had breakfast together as we watched Shay’s cartoons, after we finished breakfast we got ready to go out where, well I did not know at this point all they kept saying was it’s a surprise, and…


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Shay's first summer

After so much insistence from Sam I finally decided to allow him to take Shay down to the beach when she was 7 months old, it was a very nice warm July summer day, it was a very uncommon day since we have rain most of the year even in the summer, but this day was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was nice, so that’s why I lowered my protective mother side for a moment and give into what I wanted my daughter to have and experience.

After a long preparation and putting Shay into her…


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Our love

Sitting in our bedroom I started thinking what love is and well love is the most wonderful feeling you have for the people you care most for in this world, in my case, my friends, family and most importantly my amazing husband and my beautiful daughter, and that is why today I write this letter to him.

June 13th,2012


I know that the words I am about to tell you, you already know them, but I…


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Never grow up

The other day while driving home from the store, the radio was on and this song came on  "Never grow up", as I was listening to it, I turned to look at Shay fast asleep in her car seat holding her doll,she looked so peaceful and so little and suddenly the song started to make sense to me, I did wish she would never grow up, that no one would hurt her and that all things remain  as they were now.…


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Mothers day 2012

Just like the past 3 years, this mothers day was perfect, Sam spoils me the whole weekend, not that it's only time when he does but he says it's more special than any other occasion because he also celebrates our wonderful family, and he is right my family is wonderful and perfect.

This weekend started Saturday morning when he did not allow me to get up and make them breakfast he said he would do it, I got up with him though but he did not allow me to help not even with Shay, he took…


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A letter to Sam


Laying here in this hospital bed has only made me realize, I have fallen in love with you that I cannot be without you, right now it feels like if a part of me is missing and it is because you are not here with me. I know you blame yourself for what happen, Jared told me, but please know that it was not your fault, it was an accident, and one I don’t hold you…


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A letter to my daughter


My dear,sweet little girl, sitting here watching you play, seeing how big you are getting,…

Added by Emily Uley on April 16, 2012 at 3:42pm — 2 Comments

A night of memories

A few nights ago, while I was watching Ayasha sleep, I started remembering the day she was born, I remembered being scared and in pain and I even remembered yelling at Sam that it was all his fault. I remembered all the support I had that day from Becs ,Dr. Cullen and specially from Sam, he did not let go of my hand even when I was digging my nails into his flesh, he never let me go,it was only until the last moment when Dr. Cullen called him over to his side so he could be the first one to…


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Just a Dream

The day was not so long ago, it was just before the holidays, Sam had left for his afternoon patrol and I had just put Ayasha down for her nap, since I knew it would be about an hour before she woke up and it was still early to get dinner started , I decided to read a little so I went into the living room and picked up my book sitting down on the couch curling my legs underneath…


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Thankful for Life

I am thankful for so many things, starting with life, it's most precious gift of all, without it I would not have the most wonderful and perfect people in the world to share it with, My wonderful husband Sam Uley and my wonderful amazing little princess Ayasha.

I am thankful for love ,because without it Sam and I would not be as happy as we are and would not have our precious Ayasha in our lives, some say that we are together because of the imprint, that it's the reason we are bound…


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