This first of many entries are to tell you about the one no one wants to really know about. It is the one that has been pushed to the side over the centries and has just now came into light. Yes this one has been around for over two hundred years. Some thought it to be dead and others thoght to hide it, but it will now come out into the open. As you can see this halfbreed has never been talked about before. Her name is Tamila Culton. She has been talked about in some books, but the people talking about her tried to make her go away. Here is the story of Tamila and how she is still looking for a member of her family, as well as the one vampire that would kill all she holds dear....
Tamila has been looking for her father for over two hundred years. She has wondered many times if she will ever find him. She knows he is still alive, but as to where he is she still wonders. She is not only searching for her father, but she is also search for the one that caused her mother's death. The one that tried to kill her and told her that he was going after her father next. She does not fool herself into believing that he will not do what he has said he will do. She knows he hates her fater, because her father won her mother's love. The vampire she is looking for is Sir LonCamp. He is one of the most evil vampires you will ever meet. He kills those whom will opose him and he turns his followers into his slaves. They can never walk away from him, because he will kill them if they do.
She has followed Sir LonCamp all over the world and everytime she gets close to him, he disappears. She has followed his sent all the way to Texas and is now waiting for her chance. When she feels as if she is being watched. She turns and all she sees is nothing, blackness and no sound. She stays where she is, because she knows with a wall on two sides of her, she could see who was watching her. She just hopes it is Sir LonCamp. If it is she will now have a chance to finish what he started and then she could find her father. As she stands with her back to the wall she smells a sent that is not vampire, or human, or animal. She can not tell what it is, all she knows is that she has never smelled anything like it in her life. As the sent gets stronger she catches Sir LonCamp's sent and decides to inore the other one. She wanted Sir LonCamp so bad that she made, what could have been her most fatal mistake. She made a move just as Sir LonCamp turned the corner.
Sir LonCamp saw her movement and heard her heartbeat as she tried to make herself as small as posibile. He thought she was a human trying to hide from him. He smiled as he thougt about the perfect meal she would make. He quickly moved in on her, but as he turned the corner he saw she was gone. He looked in the ally for her, but she was not there. He could still hear her heartbeat, but he couldn't smell her. As he stood there trying to figure her out something hit him. Knocking him to the ground. As he hit the ground he found himself face to face with the most beautiful human he had ever seen. She was perfect and she made his mouth water for a taste of her perfect blood. He made a grab for her, but she quickly moved away from him and he couldn't tell where she was. All he could hear was her heartbeat. It made him wonder if she was real, or if he was seeing and hearing things.

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