As i left the town of Forks back on January 1st, my journey to win the 8th WMAC title of mine was the most of my career. I missed my friends here in Forks(The Cullens and everyone else) when i left and they were with me in spirit. I arrived in Tokyo and headed to the hotel and begin the path. My friends are my friends and i cared for each and everyone of them. To my friends, you gave me so much luck. Now here how it went...


-January- As January started, I was one of 64 fighters out of 128 to compete in the WMAC. It split up into four different areas and i was representing the north. As i stepped up and took on my first challenger, I won in a mere 15 seconds with a 360 degree round house kick followed by a high knee to the face and won by tko. I watched the others compete that month and it dropped more and more fighters out of it.


-February- As February came around the corner, I was waiting paitently for my turn as the 64 fighters competed and 31 of them won their matches and was left was my opponent and I, my opponent got the best of me, but i got up and gave him 3 roundhouse kicks to the face and finished with a jump kick to the stomach knocking him out of the arena floor and gave me my second victory and made it now 32 fighters.


-March- March was a difficult month for me as the remaining 32 fighters included myself was competing for the remaining 16 spots. My match happend during the middle of the month and my opponent was so tough i couldnt do any moves on him, but i noticed his weakness and gave him a high knee to the side of his face befor a spinning roundhouse kick to seal the victory for the third one, but someone got in my way and said that when we meet, i will be the victor not you human.


-April- As April came to its conclusion, the 16 fighters were in action and i was waiting for my match to start. Ive seen who my enemy was when he gave his opponent a bloody nose and ended the match like that. I said to myself why did he do that to him, that is not who it goes. Next thing i noticed he locked his eyes and said your next. It was my turn to fight as i got into the ring and confronted my opponent as i said to him good luck and we fought tooth and nail until i found an opening and went for the roundhouse kick and won, but i was nice and helped him up and congratulated on a well-deserved match and now we were down to 8 fighters.


-May and the finale- May was the best ever as the 8 fighters and myself all fought for the 4 remaining spots. I was up first and my opponent looked me dead in the eye and attacked me before the match started which ended in a dq and awarded me the victory. So i was one of 4 remaining fighters left. Then my advarsary came up next and he leveled his opponent big time ending the match at 10 seconds. I knew he was gonna be in the final four. Then the other matches finished and now it was down to 4 fighters, me, my enemy and two others. I was facing one of the other fighters while the enemy fought with the other. In the end, we both won and faced for the title of WMAC. I entered the ring and waited for my opponent so that we can see who would win the championship of the WMAC. We both fought hard against each other but in the end, it was me who was the victor and i said to my opponent, you did good, but it was i who won fair and square. Now that the tournament ended, I was awarded the title and a check for $75,000 to donate. As i left Tokyo and on my way back to Forks, i had a fun time enjoying the sights of Tokyo and ate some good food there. Now im heading back home to Forks and to see my friends for the first time in 6 months.



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