So what I thought was a healthy relationship

So my dad and I had planned on another outting back to Seattle, was going out to eat again, and I was thinking about introducing him to Jared. The day came and went without incident. He never showed and he never called to let me know he wasn't coming. I went back out to my old tree house, blaming myself for thinking that he was finally going to step up and be a dad to me, when he hadn't in 22 years. I was thinking about calling him and demanding why he did this, when my mom came home from work, she was yelling for me. We walked inside, and sat at the kitchen table, and she asked if I had heard anything from him, I told her no and what happened. She didn't say anything negative, just held me and told me everything would be all right, and I know it will be. I have my family, and friends, and those are the people that matter, the people who actually care. After that, I helped mom fix dinner, and went upstairs to call Emily, only she wasn't home. I really needed somebody as a friend to talk to about this. I remembered falling asleep, wishing I could have seen Jared tonight, and couldn't because of his patrol. I love that man so much, I wish I would have shared with him about my dad.


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Comment by Kylla Randolph on April 26, 2012 at 12:39pm

Yes they will be Leo. Exactly how I feel. The people that matter the most are the people that will always be there for you, and you for them. I love my family, and couldn't have asked for anybody different at all


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