How can you be so tired when you have not done so much? At least I thought you had to be doing something to be tired. It seems I was so wrong. Worrying makes you tired, stress makes you tired. So I am pretty sure even those of us who do not actually need sleep can be exhausted. As most of you know my husband leaves on Wednesday for a few months...that has it's stress in itself. Just the running around, making sure paperwork is in order and the date is getting closer just makes it all the worse. Today on top of all that stuff with him leaving I had to go to the Optometrist. My eye had been bothering me all weekend. So, of course once the office was opened I made the appointment. They had me come in right away. I went in to find out I actually had an infection under my eyelid. How in the world did that happen?! I got medicine for it and given other instructions to make it better. I come home thinking OK I can sit for a bit. Nope, hubby wants me to go to the hospital to get all his records. Why?! Plus take the 2yr old. Now why would you want to take 2yr old to the hospital to sit and wait. Waiting is not in their vocabulary. Needless to say we were there longer than we were supposed to be. Now we are home, but the hubby decided he HAD to have Yakisoba for dinner. That would not be a problem except the chicken AND the Yakisoba is frozen....Did the dishes and got them defrosting. It does not seem like I did that much today, but yet I am so tired and we still gotta wait for the cable guy because there is something wrong with our box. At least I do not have to do much with that, just playing the waiting game.
At least I got good news. My mom wants us to come to her house so bad that she is willing to give me gas money. *laughs* So I may be heading to my mom's house a week earlier than planned. At least she has wireless so I will not be out of touch with all my friends here at TCO. *smiles*

Oh Yea! I made cookies, but that was fun. Should have seen the son licking the bowl. I had to give him a bath after all that choclate *laughs*

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Comment by Kat on June 28, 2010 at 3:12pm
Oh and yes. I am fine. Just did not expected to be so tired when really the only thing I am doing is worrying about the husband. lol


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