What if you had the power to save your favorite band? Would you take the opportunity? We all have a story to tell and this is the one time we as a fandom need to come together and save the 4 people that have helped us with the most.  From a TV show, to albums, to music videos, and 3 tours...friendships have developed and memories have been made. And now we’re asking YOU to be apart of the Save BTR Project.  There are no boundaries...so don’t hold back. 

We want you to tell your story.  Whether it’s how this band has helped you overcome a struggle you thought would be impossible to beat or even if it’s as simple as the reason behind many of your friendships today.  First things first; we know you might be hesitant about this, afraid of being judged, or telling too much, but we as fellow fans understand you.  Throughout the whole project there will be absolutely no judging.  Right now, in this time and place, there is no judging allowed.  We’re doing this all for the same thing: to help the boys who helped us in our time in need.

Just in case you may or may not have heard, rumor has it that there’s only one left of everything for BTR.  One more season. One more album. One more tour.  But us as fans cannot let that happen.  Not even four years of success and it’s already time to put it to an end?  There’s no explanation on this earth that would lead that to being ‘fair’ for any of us. 

There are tens of thousands of fans all over the world that have yet to experience what the American fans have.  The adrenaline rush you get the second the guys are on stage.  The anticipation building up right before you meet them for the first time.  The happiness that one day brings to you.  It’s way too soon for all of this to come to an end. 

They haven’t made their mark yet.  They haven’t been given the recognition they deserve.  Four years is not nearly enough time to leave an impact as a band on the world.

So now this is our time, as fans, to put our two sense in. It’s time for OUR voices to be heard.  It’s time to prove that our band doesn’t deserve an expiration date.  It’s time for us to come together as a fandom and help the band that helped us when we were in need. 

This is the Save BTR Project.

The Save BTR Project is going to be a 30-45 minute (length may vary) documentary containing clips from the fans around the world explaining the impact Big Time Rush has on them.  We would also love for you to send in pictures of your concert experiences (meet & greet pictures and/or worldwide girl pictures).  Once we have all the submissions and the documentary is edited, we’re going to be sending the finished project to as many people as we can.  The guys themselves, family members, bandmates, castmates, and many, many others.  They deserve to be told how much they mean to every single one of us.

Now here’s where you come in.
*Every person has a story. Behind each twitter name, there is a person with a life that was most likely helped by a band we like to call big time rush. We want you to to tell in a 1-5 minute long video of how BTR helped you. How they helped you overcome something. A fear, an emotional struggle, a disability, etc. It can include anything, how a certain situation was too difficult for you to handle,  a fear you were afraid to face,  an insecurity you were afraid to overcome, this is how you explain how BTR was there for you in your time in need.
Most importantly, we want you to include the friendships you made because of BTR. For example, as ourselves, the creators of this project, we became best friends living in two completely different states, over this band. We want you to discuss how much your relationships with other fans mean to you. How those people that you never knew existed; helped you. With no band, this can possibly lead to the loss of friendships. Nobody wants that.

There are NO BOUNDARIES AND NO JUDGING. This is not something where people think you are looking for attention, because i assure you that all of us understand you. We need you to break down the barricade you built, and help us out. Help out Big Time Rush. We need to prove to them that we need them in our life as a rock. How they’re our key to happiness; we all know how difficult it's going to be when they say their final words as a group. This might be our last chance to stop them.


(if theres any problems, let us know)
* Each video must be AT LEAST 3-5 minutes long. (try not to make it too long please, as [hopefully] there will be many entries and we need to include most of them)
*Please take notice that only parts of each entry will be included, as it will be scattered all over the documentary
*In each entry, please include your first name, location and age
*You can be anonymous, but we strongly encourage you not too. We want the real emotion and and feel of each one of your stories.
*INTERNATIONAL FANS: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please send us a video of you introducing your self (in your language) with your name, country, and age! **Make this separate from your video entry! This is important!


Thank you so much to everyone who participates!

Please remember even though you are fabulous, you are not an independent fangirl and you do need a boy band to support you. please consider this. xoxo, SA & AM

via @SaveBTRProject

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