*My Mom was able to call the girl and she's gonna take care of it tomorrow.. V_V*

So yeah, I was on my way to my dad's house today when some chick rear ended me. This is what happened:

I'm sitting at the stop light, looking in my rear view and hoping my friend will shut up so I can pay attention when it comes time to turn. Everything was fine and then...


I got rocked forward and then I looked behind me. The girl had wide eyes, obviously sorry. After a while, I finally get my car off the road and talk to her. Er.. Because of my inexperience and whatnot, I totally freaked out. I didn't call the police like I should have, having a one-track mind: I need to get to dad's house... So, I got her number, and for once; memorized her license plate number. Once I got to dad's house, I got berated on how I should always call the cops when there's an accident. *learned my lesson by the way*

When I look at the car now, it's not really that bad. But mom told me that we're gonna take care of it tomorrow :( I'm still totally freaked out, of course. Man, I knew I should have taken the scenic route *the marsh.*

Uh, I have to also call Marti's Place tomorrow to see if I can get a position there. It's a restaurant.
I have another part time job, but it won't suffice. I need one where I don't split the pay O_o I weed a subdivision's cul-de-sac garden *two of them, 10 diameter*, and 5 duplexes. Yay. *sarcasm* I have sunburns, because I was irresponsible on the first day.

That's all for now....

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